Tractor Tuning – What is it and why should I invest in it?

by | Apr 1, 2022 | Blog Post

Tractor in the field to illustrate tractor tuning

Tractor tuning is a phrase that a lot of farmers have probably heard before and through word of mouth. It can be easy to subconsciously form an opinion on something when you haven’t heard all the facts. This blog post explains, in detail, what tractor tuning really is, how it’s achieved and what it means for you.

With the clocks changing comes longer evenings, better weather and ultimately, for farmers, hard work. This is always the time of year where we start to see more tractors out on the road and in the fields as the farming season begins to kick into full swing. However, this time round, due to the current price of diesel, it looks like a more expensive season than ever.

Time spent in the field means tractor running time, with current prices every minute the tractor runs is expensive. The Tunit Advantage A-24 helps with power and drivability, whilst also making a huge impact on fuel consumption.

Fuel Savings From Tractor Tuning

We’ve always known fuel saving is an important attribute for our products, but now it’s more important than ever before. Many farmers are already struggling, not just with the price of diesel but also the rising cost of fertiliser. This is compounded by the cost of living being higher than ever and the impact of recent world events. Making the coming season a very important and busy one for British agriculture.

Right now tractor running costs are unprecedented, hinting that this could be the most expensive farming season on record. At the time of writing this, the price of red diesel is sat at around 110p p/l. Looking back to a year ago red was 55p p/l, meaning every litre is double that of last year. Putting that into context, a tractor currently working all day to drill first wheat, uses 200 litres a day. Working all week, as many are now, your weekly consumption comes to 1,400 litres. At this point you’re currently paying £1,500+ in fuel every week.

We aim to help by reducing your tractor’s fuel consumption, with the Advantage A-24 achieving an average reduction of 12%. Using the figures above, a 12% reduction saves you a massive £180 a week on fuel. In this scenario, the savings you’ll see means that you achieve a return on investment after just 4 weeks. The savings don’t stop there though, you carry on saving throughout the season and for many seasons to come.

Performance Increases From Tractor Tuning

The main reason we are able to achieve better economy on tractors is thanks to our sophisticated software that listens, in real-time, to adapt and optimise signals sent to the engine in order to improve the delivery of power. We safely and discreetly modify signals using accurate readings of acceleration, air, fuel and load to deliver smoother power and torque across the entire RPM range.

The result of this for the driver is that they have more low end torque available to improve pulling power in the field and get up to operating speed faster. Our calculations are done in real-time and constantly to ensure torque is maintained throughout operation. The reason this is important is because it means you won’t feel sudden surges or power drop-off.

The combination of the increased power and the better fuel economy translates to massive changes in both productivity and efficiency. The improved power output helps with getting stuck in to jobs quicker and even tackling tasks that you couldn’t before. You’ll also see improvements on the road and with your newly improved fuel economy you’ll be able to stay out in the field longer without having to refuel.

No matter the application, there are two key factors to maintaining a profitable agricultural business, maximising productivity and minimising downtime. This is exactly what we prioritise with the Tunit Advantage A-24 and is a huge part of how we’ve managed to help farmers throughout our 20+ years of agricultural tuning.

Dealer Network

At Tunit we are extremely proud to boast a strong and long-standing dealer network throughout the UK and even overseas. We have a firm belief that local installation and support is as important now as it has ever been. The feeling of confidence in knowing that the Tunit has been fitted professionally matters. By using one of our dealers you also open up the option of having a bespoke tune to get exactly what you’re looking for out of the Tunit.

Bespoke Tractor Tuning

Bespoke tuning is hugely important when it comes to agricultural applications, more so than your average hatchback or 4×4. We say this because every tractor is unique, not just how it was built but also how it is used. Cars, for the most part, are built for the road and therefore we’re confident that we can get close to the perfect tune off the bat. That’s a very different story when it comes to agriculture and specialist machinery, built to tackle a range of jobs

A bespoke tune gives you one-on-one contact with the dealer so you can talk through the typical day in the life of your machine and what you use it for most. This gives the dealer a much better idea of what to prioritise using our software. Tailoring the tune to your specific application and being able to ensure you are happy after a test run.

We also understand that for most farmers that time spent outside of the farm is time lost in their schedule. For this reason a lot of our agricultural technicians are mobile and are available to visit your premises. This makes getting the Tunit fitted easy and carefree and means less time lost for you and your schedule.

Product Warranty

One issue close to every farmer’s heart is the longevity of their machine and the implications our modification may have. Our optimisations are completely safe and do not push the boundaries of what can be achieved by straining the engine. All of our parameters are within manufacturer safety limits so as to prevent any damage to the engine. By ensuring that no extra strain can be placed on any single component the engine is protected from overworking.

The Advantage A-24 is also the first of our products to be developed solely with agricultural applications in mind. It features an extra tough product housing and water-resistant connectors which protect every aspect of the Tunit. This gives us the confidence to supply each Advantage A-24 with a 5 year warranty. So you’re covered long into the future of your purchase and our team is always just a call away to help with any issues.

If the content of this blog has taken your interest and you would like to learn more about what tractor tuning can do for you and your business. You can learn more about the gains your tractor would see by using our vehicle finder. Alternatively, send your tractor’s information to or call 01257 274 100 and a member of our team will be more than happy to discuss with you in more detail.