Volvo FH D16K750


With over 20 years in engine tuning, Tunit has helped improve journeys for many truck drivers. We have provided bespoke tuning to an expanding roster of trucks such as DAF, Scania, Mercedes-Benz, Renault and MAN, helping drivers and vehicle dealers revolutionise their vehicles.

At Tunit we take pride in our high customer satisfaction and we strive to help drivers of all kinds of vehicles, that’s why we are proud to announce that we now cover all modern trucks manufactured by Volvo (we cover older Volvo trucks too)!

Tune your engine with the Advantage C-24

With the ongoing fuel crisis there has never been a better time to tune your truck with a Tunit Advantage C-24! The average diesel pump price was 148.75ppl but the fuel crisis has caused the average price to escalate up to 199.05ppl.

By installing an Advantage C-24 you will be amazed by the difference in your engines performance. With extra torque and a 12% increase in fuel economy your truck will stay in peak performance for longer and you will require less visits to the fuel station.

The Advantage C-24 is easy to install via electrical connections and it is compatible with a range of vehicles, bringing remarkable results to tipper trucks, long haul and tanker trucks, to name a few.

An example of modern Volvo trucks the Advantage C-24 compliments is the Volvo FH D16K750. Check out its amazing gains:

  • 750 BHP to 912 BHP
  • Torque rises from 2,618 LBS/FT to 3,182 LBS/FT

Dealer network

Throughout the nation we have a network of dealers based in most areas so you are bound to have access to a dealer near you, should you seek to buy an Advantage C-24.

As with any of our devices our dealers are more than happy to provide bespoke tuning to your vehicle, we’d recommend tuning through your dealer to ensure your vehicle gains maximum results. With our high customer satisfaction, we are confident that you will drive away satisfied with your new engine performance.


Customer satisfaction is very important to us, we want to deliver a safe and enhanced engine performance, that’s why the Advantage C-24 comes with a five year warranty meaning that your Advantage C-24 is protected for five years from purchase.

Should anything go wrong we will happily fix your Advantage C-24 or if we can’t we will send you a replacement. For more information read our policy on product warranty here.

If you’d like to know how fitting a Tunit will benefit your vehicle contact us by our site, call us on 01257 274100 or email us at