We recognise that many drivers like to modify their engines with the newest technology however, it is important to make sure that the technology is adequately suited to your engine. A poorly tuned engine will suffer long term damage, which could cause it to explode.

Look no further than our Tunit Optimum Plus, we are key players in the Performance and Economy Solutions market with over 20 years of experience. With Tunit you can be sure you are in safe hands.


With the Optimum Plus, tuning your engine couldn’t be easier! It is a single component with a universal connection inside the car so there’s no need to worry about engine space.

It takes minutes to install the Optimum Plus however, should you need assistance don’t hesitate to visit your local dealer. All of our bespoke dealers are more than happy to tune our components to your engine.

Our dealers are happy for you to gain a first hand experience of the Optimum Plus, all you need to do is arrange a time to Try Before You Buy. Your dealer will tune an Optimum Plus to your engine and you will have the opportunity to take a test drive.

Should you purchase a new vehicle after installing your Optimum Plus to an old vehicle, your local dealer will be happy to reinstall it on your new vehicle free of charge.


No dials or control panels are required to configure the Optimum Plus, all you need is the mobile app which is free to download on your smartphone. With an amazing 10 settings, you can calibrate your Optimum Plus until you are satisfied with the brand new feel of your engine. You can expect to have the perfect upgrade at your fingertips.

Exceptional results

The perks of a Tunit Optimum Plus are greater BHP, more Torque and a greater fuel economy saving you lots of time and money. Engines installed with a Tunit produce 27% less exhaust emissions than that of the manufacturer and 75% of Tunit users save over £40 per month on fuel.