Tuning the BMW 116d with the Advantage 3

Oct 27, 2022 | Blog Post

The BMW 116d is a popular vehicle in the UK and for good reason, it’s a modern hatchback which provides a clean look with a reliable performance and being a diesel returns great mpg. The only thing it could be marked down for is how it can feel a bit gutless when stock, the 1.5L heart does a decent job but can often leave owners asking for more. A quick tune of the BMW 116d goes a long way to ironing out the creases and provide more power in the bottom end to completely transform how it drives.

We recently had Alex down at Tunit HQ to tune his BMW 116d which was fitted by Will. Alex opted for the Advantage 3, our flagship product for diesel vehicles which really helps give a vehicle like this an extra kick lower down.

Badge of the BMW 166d

After tuning the BMW 116d it saw some very impressive gains in BHP (114 – 144BHP) and torque (192 lbs/ft – 229 lbs/ft) whilst still providing a 12% improvement in MPG. Perfect for Alex who’s currently studying at university and making long round trips all the time, the miles quickly start to add up and the Tunit starts to save you a small fortune.

Advantage 3 over the engine bay of a BMW 116d

During the test drive Alex was chuffed with the extra acceleration, this lets him climb through the gears faster allowing him to be more efficient by spending more time in higher gears. He also mentioned that on the hills he noticed he didn’t have to drop down a gear where he normally would. This is a perfect example of how the better performance optimises the cars efficiency.

If you’re interested in what a Tunit could do for your vehicle you can use our handy vehicle finder to find the options for your vehicle or get in touch via info@tunit.com and a member of the team will advise you on the best option for you.