Truck Tuning – What does it mean for me and my truck?

by | Jun 6, 2022 | Blog Post

Tractor in the field to illustrate tractor tuning

Trucks are an incredibly important part of not only how we function in Britain but throughout the entire world. Whether it’s transporting food throughout the country or exporting our goods, trucks are integral to the backbone of the country. With recent surges in the price of fuel and issues with queueing at ports the trucking industry is hitting difficult times.

Whilst we can’t remedy issues with demand and queuing, through truck tuning we can help make a big difference to fuel overheads for both fleets and owner operators. Our tuning solution for trucks is the Tunit Advantage C-24 which is the culmination of over 20 years of iteration and refinement in diesel tuning.

The Tunit works by safely adapting signals sent from the engine’s control unit (ECU) to the engine. By monitoring these signals, in real time, the Tunit is able to improve the delivery of fuel to the engine. This results in smooth power and torque gains throughout the entire RPM range allowing you to stay in higher gears for longer.

Fuel Savings From Truck Tuning

Saving money on fuel is a massively important, if not the most important, reason to get your truck tuned. Over the last 12 months, due to the sharp increases in running costs, lots of independant owner operators have found it difficult keep their trucks fuelled. Even for larger companies and fleet owners, the price of fuel is having a massive impact on business, with many losing out on a lot of profit to keep their trucks fuelled.

If we look at the figures of a typical trucks fuel consumption we can paint a picture of just how much a truck saves with a Tunit Advantage C-24 fitted. At the time of writing this, the price of diesel is sat at an average of 181.9p but clearly can heavily differ depending on where you’re filling up. Looking back to a year ago diesel was just 131.6p p/l, which shows just how much of an impact recent events have had on the price of fuel. Putting those figures into an example of a truck that see’s the typical 8mpg consumption, covering 85,000 miles in a year and a Tunit saves you over £10,000 per truck per year.

The Tunit Advantage C-24 aims to help you by reducing fuel consumption and a study taken on 9,000 diesel vehicles using our products returned an average reduction of 12%. Whilst this takes into account hatchbacks, estates and even tractors it’s common for trucks to exceed the average of 12% with some seeing up to 15% reductions. Using the example above, a 12% reduction saves you a massive £875 a month on fuel. The savings seen here means that you achieve a return on investment in under 5 weeks. The savings don’t stop there though, you continue to save money on fuel for years and years to come.

Performance Increases From Truck Tuning

The main reason the Tunit is able to achieve better economy on trucks is through improved performance which allows the truck to get through the gears quicker and stay in higher gears for longer. The Tunit safely and discreetly modifys signals using accurate readings of acceleration, air, fuel and load to deliver smoother power and torque across the entire RPM range.

For the driver this equates to much more low end torque which helps with moving off and getting up to speed quicker, making a massive difference to the driving experience. The calculations are done in real-time and the Tunit is constantly monitoring to ensure torque is maintained throughout operation. This is an important factor when it comes to driving because it means you won’t feel sudden surges or power drop-off.

No matter the truck that you’re tuning, there are two main factors to why you should tune your truck, improved performance and massive fuel savings. This is exactly what the Tunit Advantage C-24 prioritises and is a huge part of how we’ve managed to help owner operators and fleet owners throughout our 20+ years of commercial tuning.

The combination of the increased power and the better fuel economy translates to massive changes in both productivity and efficiency. The improved power output helps with getting through journeys quicker and making it easier on the driver when in slow moving or stop-start traffic. Thanks to your newly improved fuel economy you’ll be able to stay on the road longer without having to refuel.

Dealer Network

At Tunit we are extremely proud to boast a strong and long-standing dealer network throughout the UK and even overseas. We have a firm belief that local installation and support is as important now as it has ever been. The feeling of confidence in knowing that the Tunit has been fitted professionally matters. By using one of our dealers you also open up the option of having a bespoke tune to get exactly what you’re looking for out of the Tunit.

When it comes to tuning trucks we understand that for a large majority of trucks downtime is not common and even when it does come it can prove logistically impossible to take the truck down for a tune. That’s why with our truck customers we use our network of dealer to make installation as smooth as it can be. Many of our dealers will travel to your premises and fit the Tunit to work based on your busy schedule.

Bespoke Truck Tuning

Bespoke tuning is hugely important when it comes to trucks, more so than your average hatchback or 4×4. We say this because depending on the model of truck and the way that it’s being used, it may have different demands from the Tunit as to where it needs extra power. Often the main factors that would contribute to the way we adapt the tune are journey length, load and driving style.

A bespoke tune gives you one-on-one contact with the dealer so you can talk through the typical day in the life of your truck and what it is used for most. This gives the dealer a much better idea of what to prioritise using our software, tailoring the tune to your specific application and being able to ensure you are happy after a test drive.

Product Warranty

A very important question that every owner operator or fleet manager should be asking relates to the longevity of the truck and the implications our modification may have. Our optimisations are completely safe and do not push the boundaries of what can be achieved by straining the engine. All of our parameters are within manufacturer safety limits so as to prevent any potential damage to the engine. By ensuring that no extra strain can be placed on any single component, the engine is protected from overworking.

The Advantage C-24 is also the first of our products to be developed solely with commercial applications in mind. It features an extra tough product housing and water-resistant connectors which protect every aspect of the Tunit. This gives us the confidence to supply each Advantage C-24 with a 5 year warranty. So you’re covered long into the future of your purchase and our team is always just a call away to help with any issues.

If the content of this blog has taken your interest and you would like to learn more about what truck tuning can do for you and your business. You can learn more about the gains your truck would see by using our vehicle finder. Alternatively, send your trucks information to or call 01257 274 100 and a member of our team will be more than happy to discuss with you in more detail.