TUNIT Testimonials

Read how numerous satisfied customers describe their vehicles after fitting their Tunit. Every comment below is from one of our thousands of satisfied customers, both here in the UK and overseas.


Garry AA from USA,
Alfa Romeo, 146 1.9 JTD

Amazing Product

R. Robson from London,
Alfa Romeo, GT 1.9 JTD
June 2007

The tunit box is fantastic, there now seems to be loads more power throughout the rev range and the noticeable turbo lag that was there before has all but gone. Also the average fuel consumption has improved by about 3-4 mpg! It's also good how easy the box is to remove if need be, 10 minute job. It really has increased my enjoyment of the car, I really can't fault it, worth every penny.

Charles Kadoch from ,
Audi, A6 2.5 TDI V6

Acquired a pre owned product without any fitting information, the team at Tunit were more than happy to help with providing information and instruction on fitting this unit, despite not having purchased from themselves. Amazing to see a company take real pride in their product and offer full support for anyone with it. The unit works well in my '01 2.5 TDI A6 too, ironing out the low end flat spot and offering improved power throughout the revs as well as making slight increases to fuel economy at cruising speeds, which is very welcome! Would recommend anyone with any queries at all to get it touch, nice speaking to a knowledgeable team! Thanks again

Graham Ashby from Branthwaite,
Audi, Q7

Had device retuned to fit my Q7, from Mercedes Sprinter. Found Tunit made throttle control smoother and better performance overall. MPG still needs working out, as I haven’t been on a long run.

M. Bland from Newcastle Upon-Tyne,
Audi, A4 1.9 TDI-PD
September 2007

Thanks for all your help on Monday, I didn?t appreciate the difference in my car until yesterday. Getting into it after not driving for 24 hours was a revelation. Cold starting did not produce the usual black smoke, there was no hesitation when moving off form standstill and the throttle response was much quicker with VERY smooth acceleration. So smooth that my wife commented on it. The improvement to torque at low revs means that the car will trickle along in 3rd gear without throttle, even up a slight incline! All in all Tunit is worth every penny.

Gary DJ from UK,
BMW, 324d

I Love their service.

Malcolm Diamond from Uckfield,
BMW, 3 Series 330d

My 330D BMW Touring was always good on performance but having seen an ad for Tunit specifically citing their unit’s increase in bhp and mpg improvement I spoke to Mark at Tunit who reassured me of the benefits from fitting his unit. It was expertly installed by UMS in Uckfield and the resulting difference in acceleration is simply breathtaking. I wasn’t expecting such an improvement from such a straightforward and affordable upgrade Recommended highly.

P. Hunt from Southport,
BMW, 330d
June 14th 2004

I called in last week and decided to go-ahead with yourselves fitting the unit to my BMW 330D. After a short while (approx 30 mins), my car was fitted with the unit and ready to go. I could not believe the instant response as soon as I accelerated, as, with most diesels, the turbo lag was obvious before fitting of the tunit...to my amazement, this turbo-lag has been completely eliminated, giving my car instant acceleration. This was my main objective with this already powerful car, and after driving back home, I was totally convinced of the improvement both in economy and power. It feels as though I have had a completely new more powerful engine fitted, as the power range through the gearbox (auto) is smoother and about 30-40% quicker!!! To make matters even more immpressive, I have noticed approx. 12 mpg gain. This is a true reading on my on-board-computer, and I have now worked out that it will take me about 6-7 months of driving to "get-my-money-back" on this faultless unit! What more can I say. Absolutely thrilled with the product and I would recommend it to everyone

John Wick from London,
Chrysler, Voyager 2.5 TD

Tunit is the best.

Lee Henrys from Warrington,
Citroën, C5 2.0 HDi
June 2008

Hi Daniel, since the fitment of the Tunit V-CR unit to my new Citroen C5 I have noticed a marked increase in fuel economy, performance and refinement. At a steady motorway cruise the average consumption has improved from 40mpg to in excess of 50mpg. Performance has also increased and the added midrange torque makes overtaking swifter and safer. I am delighted with the result, especially as I fitted the Tunnit to enhance performance rather than economy. The added benefit of being able to transfer the tunit to another vehicle in the future is the icing on the cake.

Paul Eslick from Manchester,
Citroën, C4
October 2008

Had my tunit fitted same day I bought my new C4 especially noticed the increase in performance. Fuel economy can exceed 60mpg on a long run against mid 40s.

Finbarr O'Mahony from Douglas, Cork, Ireland,
Citroën, C5 1.6HDi
October 2008

Engine runs more smoothly, pulls really well

Mike Noble from Couty Wicklow,
Dodge, Nitro 2.8 CRD
June 2008

Thanks very much got it fitted easily once you had shown me where to plug it. Just done a short school run and WOW was never going to be a fast car due to its power to weight ratio it was woefully underpowered.. It is a big american lump of iron after all. However have wacked the tunit up to 9 and what a difference, it now drives just so much better, I no longer have to floor the throttle to get a response from the automatic box/engine. It is now truely my dream (family 4x4) car.. It now goes as well as it looks. What a truely amazing piece of kit; every diesel engine should have a Tunit ! Thanks again for the phone calls, emails and humouring me.

Andrew Lyon from Kingswinford,
Fiat, Grande Punto 1.4i

I've only had my optimum for a week now but to be honest I can't feel any difference to performance or fuel economy. Maybe I have to drive more for it to adjust to my vehicle. I have been in touch with Tunit and they have A1 5 star customer service. They reply quick and respond very well to the emails. Overall seem like a decent company. Fiat grande punto 1.4 16v NA. Further to my last comments. I've drove about another 150 miles and I can notice an improvement midrange especially can feel more torque now. Good product.

Paul Tanner from ,
Fiat, Abarth 500 1.4 T-Jet

I have a Tunit device on my diesel motorhome and my small fiat Abarth car. Both of which perform faultlessly, and improve driveability and economy.

Mike Salmon from Warrington,
Fiat, 500 1.3
November 2008

First impressions with the 500 with the Tunit fitted are without doubt quite sensational. The engine is very free revving with a fantastic spread of torque right through to 4000rpm. When driven quickly you fly though the gearbox making the car a whole lot of fun. Its not just the top end of the rev range to benefit either, at 30mph put it in fifth and the 500 purrs along quite happily without any hesitation. Put your foot hard down from this speed and I would have expected an amount of judder and not much engine pick up, but no she pulls away a little slow at first but cleanly never the less. The engine is definitely more smoother and flexible you would definitely question the cars 1.3 litres if you didnt know for something of larger capacity. A little early to comment on fuel consumption yet but first impressions are for an improvement. My wife Lynne comments are that she has been razzing (women talk for driving briskly) with the car being so much more responsive and fun to drive, along with this has stated the on board computer showing an increase of some 2mpg even with the more enthusiastic driving. She has also said it feels a lot smoother. Generally very pleased the tunit it has had a big impact on the little 500. We will let you know a bit more after a bit more running.

S Trowsdale from Skelton-in-Cleveland,
Ford, Kuga 2.0 TDCi

I’ve got the Advantage 3 unit for this car and it’s constantly returning a minimum 36mpg driven hard!! With all that power it’d be rude not to now wouldn’t it!! We did have a mad moment coming back from Milton Keynes a while back and floored it just to see what she would do..,she did the clock…boom all the way round…well impressed! My wife even said that it’s incredible that by just accelerating normally…gently through the gears within seconds in each gear…you’re at 100mph in no time at all..which is dangerous as it’s sooooo damn quiet for a diesel

Nigel Curtis from Callington,
Ford, Puma 1.0 Ecoboost

The weather at last broke for long enough for me to fit the Power Pedal recently received. Having previous experience with a similar product (from a different maker) on a different vehicle I was expecting Tunit's version to be at least as good. It wasn't - It was far better! The difference is in the sub-menus where you can 'fine-tune' or 'attenuate' the response of any of the 5 Main settings to your liking. We know the Power Pedal does not change the vehicles' engine power output, only then way in which the available bhp and torque are delivered. In my particular case, the car (a small petrol engined Ford now feels like a turbo-diesel of much greater capacity! Impressed - yes.

Mr. Coates from Darlington,
Ford, Ranger 3.2 TDCi

Advice and help offered by Will was spot on, as was the fitting by Paxtons which was done in no time at all. Once I left the yard I immediately noticed the improved performance in both power and efficiency and a couple of thousand miles later I’m definitely enjoying the increased fuel economy!

Mark Sullivan from Leyburn,
Hino, 700 FS
22nd November 2007

You are now my bestest pal in the whole world...and all that! After me ordering the box on the phone from you, it came well inside 24 hours and I fitted it myself after my first load at 06.00 in the dark, which is why it took about 3 minutes including tilting the cab! I have used it for one day on factory setting 5 to get used to the extra grunt the truck now has and will turn it up bit by bit. It is very noticeable that it has more power now because I can skip 3-4 gears when fully loaded changing up which is very strange (but I can get used to it!). Ill give it a go for a while playing with it and let you know by phone or computer message how I get on. Again thanks mate I think for the money it cost Im glad I didnt go for the re-map. --- Update - Received 24th February 2009: Hey Dan, Just clearing some stuff from my e-mails and found this. My truck has now done 330,000kms plus with the tunit box and is still on max power from the day I got it!! (I was told 535bhp). The engine uses no oil from service to service. How much does a 480 bhp Volvo cost? because a lad in a TARMAC 8x4 had a go with me last year and could not run with me from 40mph up until the speed limiters. Thanks lads I am still happy with my box. (driving like a **** does save fuel with the box though). All the best Mark

John Wilkinson from Blackhill,
Honda, S2000 2.0i

Fantastic product, very easy to fit and use via phone app, fuel saving greatly improved and noticeable power increase especially at mid range, changing modes using the app easily done.

John Wilkinson from ,
Honda, S2000 2.0i

Fantastic product, very easy to fit and use via phone app, fuel saving greatly improved and noticeable power increase especially at mid range, changing modes using the app easily done.

Saly James from Colchester,
Honda, Civic 2.2 TDi ES
12th May 2008

My husband has just had a tunit module fitted to my new car which is a Honda Civic 2.2 CTDi ES, I can say that it is fantastic!!!!!

Gary Sherriff from Wigan,
Hyundai , Tuscon 2.0 CRDi
October 2008

Purchased tunit to add extra performance when towing. also found better erformance when solo, espcially when overtaking

John Gronow from Swansea ,
Hyundai, Tucson 2.0CRDi
March 2011

I am extremely happy with the Tucson .. which is fitted with ?all the toys?, and in terms of being an automatic, I wouldn?t drive a ?manual? ever again .. it?s fabulous. Now that I have proof of the worth of the Tunit, even though the price of ?juice? is a great concern to we motorists, I can enjoy the car even more. Finally I can confirm, hand-on-heart, that the cost of the Tunit was worth-while .. I also fitted a K & N air-filter at the time of fitting the Tunit, which, reading the information supplied, should be helping the car ?breath? better. I have been impressed with the kindness shown by you and your staff .. my questions on the merits of Tunit were met kindly, and I appreciate that.

John Gronow from Swansea ,
Hyundai, Tucson 2.0CRDi
March 2011

I am extremely happy with the Tucson .. which is fitted with ?all the toys?, and in terms of being an automatic, I wouldn?t drive a ?manual? ever again .. it?s fabulous. Now that I have proof of the worth of the Tunit, even though the price of ?juice? is a great concern to we motorists, I can enjoy the car even more. Finally I can confirm, hand-on-heart, that the cost of the Tunit was worth-while .. I also fitted a K & N air-filter at the time of fitting the Tunit, which, reading the information supplied, should be helping the car ?breath? better. I have been impressed with the kindness shown by you and your staff .. my questions on the merits of Tunit were met kindly, and I appreciate that.

Mike Sutherland from Aberdeenshire,
Isuzu, Rodeo 3.0L
May 2009

Very impressed. Noticeably improved acceleration and responsiveness as well as slightly better economy. Towing now much easier with heavy loads as well as being more fun to drive without. Well worth the money and much better value than paying manufacturer for same engine with higher power output.

Andy Weller from Cambridgeshire,
Jeep, Grand Cherokee 2.8 C
18th August 2006

Tunit arrived in good time and was very easy to fit, the small picture helped a treat! On the first outing, with the dial still set at 5, the Jeeps MPG reading steadily rose and kept rising for about 150 miles or so giving me about 5 miles per gallon extra. With the dial set on at a lower number, would the fuel consumption increase further? The 0-60 time is not of huge importance to me as the jeep is fairly quick for its size anyway! Regards and thanks for your help again

Steve Palmer from Coalville,
Jeep, Grand Cherokee 2.8 C
October 2008

Has made a significant improvement in both mpg and performance. Has smoothed out auto gear shift, reduced turbo lag and no more plumes of black smoke when accelerating hard. Overall really impressed, considering buying one for the Wrangler as well.

Stas Porokhnya from South Croydon,
Jeep, Patriot 2.0TD
May 2009

Since October 2008 I have had the tunit fitted in my Jeep Patriot, 07, Ltd, 2.0 VW, diesel. I am really impressed with the difference in performance (and I have had it in my Jeep for 7 months now). The main thing is the car became a springster. It's brilliant in low gears! I'd definitely recommend Tunit to whoever has modern VW diesel. My car is 4x4, and it flies and is certainly not thirsty. A big thank you for introducing me to Tuningwerkes in Croydon! My cars are now spik and span!

Kind regards

D. Kenyon from Wigton,
Kia, Sorento 2.5
10th January 2007

On the 5th December 2006 I had a Tunit V-CR fitted to my Kia Sorento 2.5. I thought you would be interested to get some feedback on the change in performance before and after its fitting. The car is more lively with a better take-off from standstill and when overtaking vehicles at high speeds. Towing my caravan requires less throttle and again pulling away from standstill is much improved. These observations are, of course, subjective but I have also measured the mpg of the Kia solo and towing. When driving solo on local and longer trips I originally achieved 32-33 mpg. After the conversion I now get 36 mpg! This is excellent. Even better is the towing improvement. Before the conversion I got 22 mpg and after the Tunit was fitted I now get 26 mpg. Thanks also for the Millers fuel additive and the allowance for the K&N filter I already had. This has been one of the best investments I have made. I wish yourself and the staff a happy New Year and all the best for the future.

Stuart Wallace from Sheffield ,
Kia , Sedona
September 2011

Very pleased with service provided and achieving a 15% saving of fuel consumption. The previous 'flat spot' has also disappeared.

Derek Henderson from ,
Kia, Sorento
August 2017

I have used a Tunit device in my two Kia Sorento since 2003 and a Power Pedal unit for the past seven months. I am presently using the Advantage unit and it makes a fantastic performance gain compared to the bog standard factory setup. Pulling my 23 foot caravan or my one and a half ton trailer is effortless. Anyone following me up Greenhow Hill out of Pately Bridge in Nidderdale, a very long and steep hill, must be wondering what it is that is pulling either so quickly. The combination of the Advantage and the Power Pedal unit on the economy setting give me a range of almost 500 miles on a tank of diesel. The staff at Tunit are very knowledgable and helpful. Highly recommended.

Tim Kearny from Tipton,
Landrover, Range Rover 2.5 D
October 2008

Brilliant added some extra power to a much undepeforming engine! Really easy to fit too

David Cotterill from GUERNSEY,
Landrover, Range Rover 3.6 V8
October 2008

Noticeable increase in power and torque. Extra acceleration. Took mine to 110mph in what seemed like no time at all.

Rob Waterfall from Saliabury, Wiltshire,
Landrover, Discovery TDI 2.5 Au
October 2008

The landrover has inceased in both torque and power, but mostly noticeable in pulling the horse box up hills, rather than increased speed. But it is faster pulling away from junctions.

M D Lister from ,
Lexus, IS220d
October 2008

Your technical team were very helpful with assisting me to set up the unit and even put it on the rolling road. I was amazed to see the power/torque increases....brilliant stuff but the best advantage for me in these days of increased fuel cost is the added fuel economy...excellent product spot on service what more could you ask for well done guys.

Helen from Bolton,
MAN, Wilkinson Custom Hor
September 2014

Having your own horsebox is great, especially if it has full living and you can organise weekends away. It provides a much better ride for the horses especially on longer journeys. Taking friends and their horses along adds to the enjoyment and makes owning a horsebox a wonderful social event. The downside is the cost of keeping it maintained and on the road, even with newer models. To get the best from them you need to use them regularly. I was persuaded to take my horsebox to Tunit to try to achieve better fuel consumption and improve the emissions. If I am honest I didn’t really expect it to drive any differently, I just wanted to be a more responsible truck owner. Prior to the fitting, the technicians at Tunit had researched my engine and assessed which unit was the most appropriate to fit; this was rechecked when I arrived and the engine was viewed. The technicians I met were all very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their product; they explained the process and fitting as they went along and were able to answer all the questions I had. They took enough time and care to do the job to a high standard, the only negative for me was that the job took a little longer than anticipated, as some of the tools weren’t big enough for this type of vehicle! When driving a horsebox it feels very different when it's heavily loaded compared to when it's empty however, even on the journey home I could already feel a difference in performance. I was familiar enough with how the vehicle normally handles on these local roads to notice a definite improvement in low-end power. The power is spread over the whole range of the gear which means you can accelerate evenly without hitting the rev limiter even on inclines and hills. You don't seem to need to work the gears constantly just to keep the truck moving evenly – this is especially important when you are fully loaded and I can see that this will help improve the quality of the journey for the horses. It is still a little early

Richard Pettit from BANFFSHIRE,
Massey Ferguson , 6465
11th October 2010


Graham Bird from Bedfordshire,
Mazda, 6 2.0 CDVI
August 2008

I purchased one of your units for the above vehicle last week at the motor show. I am impressed with the mid range torque and response, also an improvement of 5mpg!!! Many thanks for your advice.

Keith R from Lincolnshire ,
Mazda , CX-7 2.2
October 2013

Just a quick feed-back for you following the fitment of your Tunit module fitted to my Mazda CX7 last Monday. On the drive from home to your establishment I averaged @42 mpg. Following the installation, on the drive from you to my mothers home I averaged 52 mpg! On the 200 mile drive from my mothers to my home I averaged 52 mpg! No flook then!! As indicated on the day, the car does run much smoother and the pickup and throttle response are much better. Great job guys, I shall be towing with the car soon so shall let you know how that goes also. Many thanks, Keith.

K Robinson from Lincs ,
Mazda , CX-7 2.2
October 2013

Hi Jamie, To date everything is fine with your Tunit module I fitted. We have just been away touring with our caravan and the performance improvements I saw when solo driving are also evident whilst towing. The car is more responsive and pulls cleaner from low rev's, plus I have also seen a reduction in fuel consumption of around 10% whilst towing. 173BHP standard ? 193BHP with tunit. 295FTLBS standard ? 332FTLBS with tunit.

Stephan Hambleton from Barnsley,
Mercedes, A-Class

Tunit power pedal is a very good product I have had two in different cars and found them to be very good.

Sefton Trowsdale from ,
Mercedes, CLK 320 CDI

1 of 8 units I’ve bought off Mike and the gang at Tunit so I guess I’m a bit of convert to say the least and the fact that I have 8 of these units with a mixture of Petrol and Diesel speaks volumes

David OMahony from Dublin,
Mercedes, CLS 320CDI
June 2007

Got the Tunit....if I told you it took less than 3 minutes to fit...piece of cake. Have it on level 5 and will leave it there as there is no smoke and there is a noticeable improvement in performance (esp mid range...oodles more torque). Where the tunit does differ from the rest is that it is much more refined...I have had previous plug and plays...all these products were either full on or off which is not what I wanted for the Merc, which now is much more responsive. Regards David Received a week later... Nick Have had the tunit for one week so the honeymoon period is over...my thoughts? Its like driving a CLS 500 with the fuel economy of a diesel. I have left the module in position 5...the result oodles of torque...snappier acceleration and just all round a better car and would you believe smoother. What Merc are at with the standard ECU Ill never know. Tunit is streets ahead of previous plug and plays I have used.

Daniel Hawthorne from High Peak, Derbyshire,
MG, ZR 2.0 iDT
September 2008

I have had the wiring looked at and tested and then repositioned and all is now working. Im very grateful to you for your help and advice along the way when Ive needed it. There is now a noticeable improvement especially mid range in both second and third gears. The bottom end is still sluggish and this has now been checked and analysed as a flat spot on the air flow sensor which needs replacing. Im very happy with the improvements the Tunit has made.

Colin Norridge from Tatcham,
MG, ZT 2.0 CDT
24th July 2006

Unfortunately I cannot receive Men and Motors, but fortunately I do have my own Tunit device fitted to my MG ZT! and so together with my American car Hi-Fi system I can enjoy my own roadshow every day! What can I say, the V-CR Tunit device works exactly as advertised (how many products can you always say that about) and more. The engine now operates in the way the go faster looks and rear spoiler that were original to the car suggested it should. The pick up and acceleration are nothing short of phenomenal and the engine is turbine smooth and almost silent whilst cruising. The fuel consumption remains unaffected and driven with slightly less gusto is marginally better than before. Thank you for bringing such a brilliant device to market. A definite must have for anyone with a turbo diesel who wishes to exploit the vehicles full potential at such a relatively low cost witheasy installation.

Alan Stretton from Rochdale,
Mini, Cooper D
July 2009

Dear Sirs

On a recent long weekend to the Wye Valley in our new Mini Cooper diesel, fitted with your new chip, we covered 358 miles. On the journey down there we averaged over 78mpg.

For the whole weekend, on one tank of fuel, we averaged 74.7mpg, driving at normal speeds, not especially for economy.

The vehicle regularly averages over the mid fifties, just running about locally. We are obviously delighted with the vehicle's performance and frugality.


Gary Papworth from Kings Lynn ,
Mini , Cooper D 1.6
february 2012

Hi Rik, Just to let you know I`m very happy with the Tunit on the wife?s Cooper D, couldn`t resist a rolling road session with it the other Saturday. It produced 20ft/lbs more torque than Neals Clubman JCW Cooper S (1.6 Turbo petrol), best figures achieved 137bhp and 201ft/lbs. On the road the performance is impressive, we used it to pick up a vehicle from South London the other day and fuel consumption has improved too. Gary Papworth

Geoff Pollitt from Y Ffor,
Mitsubishi, Galant 2.5 i twin tu

I have just fitted an Optimum Plus to my VR4/ Legnum that have an unaccesable ECU - preprogrammed to my car spec, fitted by myself (20th Century man+) in half an hour. BLOODY AWESOME. Highly recommended.

Lee Lyford from Oxford,
Mitsubishi, L200 2.5 TD
23rd April 2008

I had my Tunit fitted Wednesday afternoon by Rob Cotterell.....the unit is simply awsome...very very impressive........but what impressed me even more was Rob Cotterell himself.....he was such a nice guy.....explained what he had to do......checked it more than once......explained how it worked .....wired it in ,so i could take it out myself if i ever sell the truck ......and then put it all back so you would never know it was there......totally professional and one of the most genuine mechanics i,ve ever met.

Adrian Forbes from Cyprus,
Mitsubishi, L200 DCi Warrior
August 2007

I would just like to thank and compliment you and Tunit on your service and promt response to all the questions I had ... upon reciveving your product I had it fitted immediatly and was ovewhelmed with the performance increase having allready had the mitubishi power upgrade your product made the vehicle drive better than I could have imagined ... I have and will continue to sing your praises .. and promote the sales of the Tunit product here on the sunny island of Cyprus.

Kevin from Fife,
New Holland, T7070
February 2014

Supplied a Tunit for my tractor. Huge difference in power and economy. Very helpful over the phone support and back up. Definitely recommend.

Andy Stubbs from Chichester,
Nissan, Navara NP 300 2.3L

The guys at Tunit could not be more helpful. Got my mate Dave Bardwell to do the instillation as he is a mechanic and I am not. He got on the phone and the Tunit staff sent through pictures and detailed description. Got the Advantage 3 and Power Pedal Pro fitted. Straight away there is a very noticeable sharpening of throttle response and generally more grunt. Only driven it for about 8 miles so far so cant comment on the fuel economy just yet. Well pleased. Can highly recommend Tunit, Andy Stubbs.

Ian Driver from ,
Nissan, Micra SR 1.5i

I’ve had 5 Tunit devices over the years . 4 were in new Nissans with the Renault 1.5 diesel, and as they were hard wired sold them on fitted. This Optimum Plus ,which I’ve only ever used for five years in a petrol Nissan Micra C+C 1.6 Essenza ( one of the first made in 2005), again, has amazing results. The car consistently does 45mpg , is incredibly flexible (in 5th at 30 mph on the flat on a trailing throttle )..in Sport Plus. Using a maximum of 6,000 rpm when fancied, for a car probably only worth £2k , it seems quite sharp! A bit of a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing. I only use Shell V Power and scrupulously keep on top of the servicing, even though it only does 3,000 odd miles a year. Once again, thank you for your kind assistance.

B. Melling from Darwen,
Nissan, Terrano II
October 2001

In August 2001 I had a Tunit II fitted by yourselves to my Nissan Terrano II. After driving for a couple of months I would like to say I am delighted with the improvement the unit has made. It is much more pleasent to drive with the increase in torque from low revs and throughout the rev range. The extra power is great. Thank you very much. The lady on reception and your staff were very pleasent and helpful.

R W Head from Chester,
Peugeot, 406 TDi
October 2006

Thanks very much for your recent service on my purchase of Tunit for my 406. I must say that the help, assistance and service from all of you has been first class and it has been a pleasure to deal with you. The true test came recently when I towed my caravan and awning to North Devon, where I noticed a vast improvement. Thanks for all your help again

Phil from Hertfordshire ,
Peugeot , 3008
1st March 2011

Just to let you know I had my Tunit remapped by Middlesex Tuning London and the throttle response from standstill is more responsive and now have a touch more torque lower down the rev range.. It`s amazing the car manufacturers don`t map these cars like yourselves! Good work to you guys anyway..When I change my car next time I will definately have another Tunit!

Peter Bailey from Cornwall,
Peugeot, 407 2.2 HDI
March 2011

I bought a Tunit unit for my 2.2l Peugeot 407SW and had it fitted and tweaked by Engine Tuners in Plymouth (and what a helpful, enthusiastic and friendly bunch they are!) Over my first 500 miles of motoring, 300 mixed and 200 towing a 1.5t caravan my computer tells me I'm getting 39.8mpg. Previous consumption without towing was 42mpg at best so I'm pretty pleased with the result. As for the improvement in power and torque, quite frankly I'm not so young as I was and I find it quite scary!

Thanks guys.

Best wishes

Mark Stamford from ,
Range Rover, TDV8
August 2017

Excellent performance. I did not think my engine could improve but it did and now I don`t even feel the horse box on the back

Ken Lambert from ,
Range Rover, P38
August 2017

Boost in power and increase in mpg. Getting about 32mpg on a run which I think is very good return. Thinking of having further upgrade.

Keith Wilkinson from ,
Renault, Clio dCI 80
June 2003

I started compiling this report to you in June, my Clio, together with it's Tunit, being 12 months old with 20,000 on the clock, but the sun kept shining so working outside took precedence over the computer. Here are some facts and figures on the cars perfomance. Most of my driving is on country lanes and B roads with some town miles, this type of driving gives regular averages of 36 mph and 67 mpg. I have made a number of trips to Southern England, doing most of my driving early morning to avoid delays. A typical round trip of 650 miles (90% motorway) giving averages of 69 mph and 61 mpg Lest you think I pussyfoot around, I had to replace a 4 Continental tyres at 12,500 miles, I guess the road surfaces on North Lancs roads are abrasive... Renault expect the Clio to return 67 mpg overall, but as I recall the long term test results in Diesel Car show consuption of their Clio to be mid 50's. Are the DC drivers thrashing their Clio, day in day out, or are the Renault figures overly optimistic? Either way I am more than happy with my Clio with the Tunit fitted. You may recall that my Clio was the first 80 bhp you had worked on and the Tunit was tuned to give maximum performance through the gears, rolling road tested at 103bhp. Once again thank you for your superb after sales customer service.

Quincy Govan from Singapore,
Renault, Megane 1.9 dCi
October 2008

My main purchase intention was to extract more performance for my car. Tunit provided me this additional performance that I was looking for. Soon after that, I began to see a slight reduction in diesel consumption and this was interesting. I adjusted my driving habits, taking into account the additional performance, and the fuel savings was more regular. It seems that I now have the best of both worlds - performance when I need it most, and low fuel consumption at other times. Tunit was really easy to fit and its adjustable performance levels allowed me to experiment and find the best compromise between drivability, performance and fuel economy.

T I P Dummet from Cambridge,
Renault, Espace 3.0 DCI
October 2008

Since fitting the Tunit, my average fuel consumption has improved from 25 mpg to between 33 and 38 mpg and the performance of the Espace has become much more lively.

Robert Williams from Milton Keynes ,
Rover, 75 tourer CDTI
August 2011

Power, torque and particularly engine smoothness improvements are all very impressive even after the 25 mile drive home from having it fitted.

John Ettinger from Warrington,
Rover, 75
January 2010

Runs a lot smoother more power well worth the money

Geoffrey Headley from Bradford,
Rover, 75
February 2018

On return after fitting at Killinghall Quarry Industrial Estate, my Rover 75 Diesel ran smoother and had a hell of a lot more "Get up and Go" I bought the car two weeks ago checked all of the Mots that had been done at the DVLA to establish it's 32,260 miles showing on the oddometer. David who fitted the unit at Killinghall was a joy to behold, nothing too much trouble He even fitted me a Top grade Air filter which I took there with me and he would not charge, a first class young man in my estimation a totally joyous experience. Am I glad I found www.tunit.com I sure am.

Nigel Bird from Ilkeston,
Saab, 9-5 1.9 TiD
June 2008

I had to write you a note to say how most impressed I am with the box I had off you for my saab 95 TDI. It runs faster, smoother and better on diesel. I am a very happy man and thank you for the help you gave me.

Tim Hutchinson from Cleveland,
Saab, 9-3 TiD
August 2005

Hi Adam, Just to say thanks for looking after me today, I thought the service was excellent, both in terms of the package (how easy it was to book my car in, how quickly the work was completed, the road test/instruction and of course the unit itself) and indeed how pleasant and professional everyone I spoke to was. Of course the real important thing to me is the product itself, I had obviously expected to see an improvement in performance based on what I had read on your website and indeed the various Saab forums I visit on the internet, however I can honestly say I got a bit of a shock when we went out on the test drive. At certain points in the range it really doesn?t feel like my car, there is a very clear surge of power from 3,000 rpm upwards which feels great! Had a very good run back down to Nuneaton, and really got to see what a difference it has made on the toll road! I am looking forward to learning the limits of my car all over again, I can honestly say that it feels like a new car altogether! Too early to say what the fuel consumption will be like, but given that I have been driving the car with real ?spirit? since the unit was fitted and the estimate on my fuel computer I think it will be at least comparible than it was prior to the Tunit being fitted. Would not delay in recommending you product or service to anyone, and I now hope to persuade my Dad to get his 530d done! Thanks for a great service

Alan Kay from Limavady,
Saab, 9-3 TiD
October 2008

It was very easy to install with the instructions enclosed,less than 10 minuites. With the K % N Air Filter I believe the engine is smoothness is greatly increased

Martin Clay from Bedfordshire ,
Seat , Leon 2.0TDi FR 170BH
April 2011

I just thought I would drop you a quick thank you message for the Tunit you supplied me recently. The power difference compared to standard is amazing on my car. The power delivery in 3rd and 4th gears is really good. I think I?ve shocked a couple of other drivers recently who were already driving quite powerful cars !!! I?ve set the Tunit on setting 9. I got 500 miles on my last tank of fuel and that was driving ?enthusiastically?  I was only getting about 400 miles to a tank previously. Kind regards and many thanks.

Martin Caunce from Leyland,
Seat, Leon 1.6
November 2016

Have now had my Tunit Advantage for 2 and a half years, many trips to Spain and the box has paid for itself many times over, improved fuel economy, more torque and eliminated flatspots in pickup, teamed with DPP, achieve more than 60mpg round town. Have now done 50,000 miles, will be getting the Advantage 2 on my next car in March. Excellent service.

Martin Caunce from Leyland,
Seat, Leon 1.6
August 2017

Lovely pictures, anyone who wants mpg, torque and quality for money should choose Tunit!!!, been a customer for 4+ years, quality, service and a product that won't let you down, pays for itself in 12 months on a basis of 15 - 20 K per year. Thanks to the staff at Tunit.

Glenn Preston from ,
Skoda, Kodiaq 2.0 SUV

I've had 4 units since 1998 and all have delivered smiles per £ . From a 1.3 corsa to a 2.8 jtd Campervan that went from 22mpg to 27 mpg . My Kodiaq 190bhp DSG 4x4 mpg average has gone from 37mpg to 42 but up to 50 when motorway cruising . Real shove in the back when foot down as well even when towing my 1.5ton caravan.

Simon James from Tycroes,
Skoda, Octavia 2.0 TDI CR

Great products and Rhys was very helpful with an problems that I experienced with my products fully recommend

Geoff Hartley from ,
Skoda, Octavia 1.9 TDI

The 3rd Tunit i have purchased and worth every penny. Always great performance and now more than ever the economy is important. Installed by my local Tunit dealer 3 weeks ago I asked them to lean a bit more towards economy with the bespoke tune given the current cost of fuel. After 4 tanks my fuel is lasting almost much longer . My rough calculations are a good 14% longer. With the miles i do i should save almost £700 a year ! Thanks guys for a great service again. Geoff

Stuart Turner from Chorley,
Subaru, Legacy 2.0TDI
March 2009


I appreciate its early days but I thought I would let you know how pleased I am after Tuesday. Well more than pleased!!!

What was an excellent engine before has now been improved no end all round. I find myself wanting to drive it for no good reason other than to enjoy the released potential.

For example I had to go over to Leeds late tuesday night the M62 was quiet so the best way to describe it is "I drove it like i stole it". For the purposes of testing it out. I dont mean just high speeds fifth gear an all round caning.

When I got home around 150 miles later i did a double take mpg was showing 48.6.

Although my car gets well used doubt if I have ever given it the grief it had then so the mpg was a big surprise. Conservatively that's an increase of 6 or 7 mpg.

When I revert back to my "normal" mode I am sure the mpg will be even better.

As you could see I am no boy racer just a car enthusiast so not interested in top speed or 0 to 60 mph etc.

But at the other end of the scale as part of my testing i took it on a local industrial estate tonight and just leaving at tickover had it pottering around in third gear no problem even on a slight incline. No judder snatching etc. Third is long legged as well. Not something you do often but just shows the other side. Prior to the Tunit wouldnt do that at all.

So as you can see I am well pleased to say the least.

Obviously I will monitor the mpg over a full tank but i think I know what the result will be.

Thanks for the excellent all round service I received you have a good friendly set up there.

Les Rothwell from Dobwalls, Cornwall,
Toyota, Hilux 2.4 Auto

Have previously fitted one to our Kubota m 6060 as it was struggling to drive our Claas Rollant 250 rotafeed no drive's it with ease. Just fitted another to our Toyota Hilux Auto which normally returned 28 averaged to the gallon now averaging 38 and more torque to stay in the higher gears hence better fuel economy.Very pleased.

Wai Lun Lee from Essex,
Toyota, Land Cruiser 3.0 D-4

Good to communicate with customer with the vehicle make sure is the right one and right wiring plug excellent service

Pedro Phagoupe from Barcelona,
Toyota, Hilux 2.8 L 1GD-FTV

I needed to but a Tunit Advantage but I didn't know which one, this guy helped me and made the order himself.

Bruce Woodfield from Poole,
Vauxhall/Opel, Vectra 1.9 CDTi 150
September 2008

I have recently fitted a tunit to my Vectra 1.9 CDTi 150bhp. I cannot believe the results, because not only has it improved performance more than I expected, but also, even with a heavy right foot, I can report an extra 6 mpg around town, increasing to 8-9 on a journey. Well worth the money.

Nina Colquhoun from Preston,
Vauxhall/Opel, Astra 1.9 CDTi
September 2007

Cheers for doing the car today, it's fantastic now! I'm noticing a much better fuel economy already.

Paul Goodwin from Congleton,
Vauxhall/Opel, Corsa 1.3 CDTi 90ps
October 2008

Bought a tunit box after having a D**K tuning box and I have to say the tunit box is far superior and I am amazed at how much kick it give the 1.3 CDTi Corsa.

Christopher Skene from Abelour,
Volvo, XC90 D5

Very happy with my purchase. I bought a reconditioned unit at a great price. I am getting an extra 10mpg now its fitted.

Keith Godbolt from ,

Just wanted to update you with progress. No problems fitting the unit now - quite clear where the little tinker is supposed to reside. Plug fitted in-circuit in about 10 mins then a bit of head scratching on where to position the unit itself. In the end I went for what looks like a redundant plastic bracket at the front of the air filter assembly on nearside (I'm thinking plastic might reduce vibration somewhat) and the cable routes alongside other cables on top of the rad. This also makes it easy to uninstall for service time (I'm a bit paranoid about Volvo dealer whingeing about warranty etc. so I'll take the short time to remove and refit as it's so straightforward). Couldn't resist tweaking the dial from 5 to 6 but won't go beyond that - no need in retrospect. Results: Amazing! Very, very impressed that such a straightforward addition can provide substantive and noticeable all round improvements - without any apparent compromises (are there any?) - specifically: - Engine is much smoother, particularly at idle up to about 1600 rpm which is normal 'about town' traffic; is also smoother at motorway speeds - Noticeable improvement in power/torque at mid- high-range rpm and certainly faster pick up from low revs - there was a considerable 'lag' before that has reduced considerably. It's a different drive. - After just one weekend and about 250 miles of mixed motoring the mpg meter is returning an improvement of +2mpg to normal (now just over 48mpg) - I've not got over this before and I'm certain with some longer runs this is going to be much improved - I'll let you know in a month's time how it's going. End result - very happy for now. What I don't understand is how or why Volvo with all their R&D capability can't deliver this on the car itself? Or is this just 2 years of technology development? Thanks a

Ian Robertson from Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumber,
Volvo, V70 D5
October 2008

easy to fix. does increase power and helps fuel efficency

Kevin Clark from ,
VW, Transporter 2.0 TDi

This is the second time I have fitted a Tunit to a vehicle and once again was pleased with the results. I was a little disappointed to say the least with my new T6.1 Transporter (2 ltr 200hp) only returning 30mpg at best when driven steadily. A lot of the Journeys were only commutes or 100 mile trips. Following the installation of the new unit, which was a great experience. the mpg increased to 33 with the unit set at mid point -5. I took a 250 mile trip up to the North West from Norfolk and this raised to 36 mpg. Before the return trip I raised the setting to max and was getting just short of 40 mpg for the journey. Back home and the normal routine I'm returning a 35/36 mpg, greatly improved figure and noticing no detrimental effects on how the vehicle drives. Thank You Tunit.

Mark Owen from Powys,
VW, Transporter T4 2.5 T

Wow, what a difference. Brilliant device!! Van now pulls through all the gears, even up the hills. Would recommend to anyone

James Sohl from ,
VW, Transporter T6 (New)

I have now had a chance to drive the Van around 500 miles and drive in a mixture of town, A road and motorway roads. I think the tuning takes the van to the level it should have been when it left the factory. There is a much more useable Rev range so it’s just easier to drive. It’s by no means a quick vehicle, but the added Rev range while combined with a bigger punch means where you were having to constantly change gear you can now just leave it in a gear. 2nd gear is genuinely useable from tickover and 6th gear will now pull from 50mph on the flat whereas before that was 70mph. It can also maintain speed on the hills on the motorway where before it required a two gear down change. I was not really bothered about the fuel economy, and I have not done enough mileage to accurately say how big the improvement is, but it looks to be 10-20% so Around 50-100 miles more out of a tank which is significant. On the way to you the average for the journey was 34.5mpg and the return was seeing just under 40mpg. The overall improvement to our camper van is huge. It’s now far more enjoyable to drive and requires less gear planning to drive up hills. I would very happily recommend this to other owners. This is not some spikey tuned set up. It’s now a nice progressive smooth power delivery. It’s subtle yet very effective.



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