Revolutionise your engine with the Advantage 3

Jul 27, 2022 | Blog Post

Are you unhappy with your engines performance? Look no further than the Tunit Advantage 3, it is our best selling product and the pinnacle of over 20 years of experience in performance and economy solutions.


The Advantage 3 is compact, robust and easy to install with connectors matching the manufacturer’s OEM specification. By tuning your engine with the Advantage 3 you can be sure to see more torque and greater engine power.

The Advantage 3 boasts an amazing 10 settings for your engine which can be set with the turn of a dial, you can expect to have the perfect feel for your engine at your fingertips.

Research has shown that engines fitted with a Tunit emit 27% less emissions and save 12% more fuel without having any adverse effects on the engine such as excess heat.

Want to know what the ROI would be on your vehicle? You can use our Fuel Saving Calculator to find out.


With the Advantage 3, tuning your engine couldn’t be easier! It is a single component with a universal connection inside the car so there’s no need to worry about engine space.

It takes minutes to install however, should you need assistance don’t hesitate to visit your local dealer. All of our bespoke dealers are more than happy to tune our components to your engine.

Our dealers are happy for you to gain a first hand experience, all you need to do is arrange a time to Try Before You Buy. Your dealer will tune an Advantage 3 to your engine and you will have the opportunity to take a test drive.

Should you purchase a new vehicle after installing your Advantage 3 to an old vehicle, your local dealer will be happy to reinstall it on your new vehicle free of charge.

As with any of our devices our dealers are more than happy to provide bespoke tuning to your vehicle. With our high customer satisfaction, we are confident that you will drive away satisfied with your new engine performance.

Try Before You Buy

If you want to experience, first hand, what the Advantage 3 does to your engine? Look no further than your local dealer, you can book a time to get a dealer to tune your engine with an Advantage 3 before you take a test drive.

With over 20 years of experience in the trade, we are confident that the Advantage 3 will make a huge difference, leaving you extremely satisfied.

Tunit For Life

With Tunit For Life we offer a part exchange on our products meaning that you will never have to pay for a full tune again. If you have any old Tunit devices you no longer need or you are willing to upgrade then before you dispose of them, check to see if they are eligible for Tunit For Life because you may be able to return old Tunit devices in exchange for discounts.


Customer satisfaction is very important to us, we want to deliver a safe and enhanced engine performance, that’s why your Advantage 3 comes with a five year warranty, meaning it is protected for five years from purchase.

Should anything go wrong we will happily fix your Advantage 3 or if we can’t we will send you a replacement. For more information read our policy on product warranty here.

If you’d like to know how fitting a Tunit will benefit your vehicle contact us by our site, call us on 01257 274100 or email us at