3 Year Warranty

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Superior Performance

The C-11 provides incredible torque just where you need it in any commercial condition. Fuel consumption has been shown to improve across commercial fleets in all sectors

Adjustable Tuning

The Tunit C-11 is adjusted on installation to meet your vehicle and load needs. Dealer install recommended.

Go Eco

The C-11 is used predominantly for better economy. A bespoke tune provides exact adjustments for the best economy while delivering maximum performance.


B,Nissan Terrano II

In August 2001 I had a Tunit II fitted by yourselves to my Nissan Terrano II. After driving for a couple of months I would like to say I am delighted with the improvement the unit has made. It is much more pleasent to drive with the increase in torque from low revs and throughout the rev range. The extra power is great. Thank you very much. The lady on reception and your staff were very pleasent and helpful.

Robert,Ford C Max

I was very sceptical about the results shown on the Tunit website relating to the improvements showing for my 1.6 litre Ford C Max diesel but after taking the plunge and buying one, my sceptisisim was blown away. Not only did the fuel economy improve by around 15% but this coupled with the greatly increased power output has turned my C Max into a totally different vehicle. I am now an advocate of this product and talk about its benefits to anyone I know who is interested in improving their vehicles parameters along with the added benefit of reducing their emmisions and hence improving the environment.