2 Year Warranty

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Superior Performance

The Power Pedal is the ideal add on to any existing performance device. Control the delivery of power from your fingertips.

Adjustable Tuning

The Tunit Power Pedal has precise adjustment to meet your high performance or sedate driving needs. For even more flexibility access further sub settings.

Go Eco

The Power Pedal can be set to Eco mode for economy or even locked in Eco mode when another driver is using the vehicle.


Alan ,VW Bora 1.9 TDI-PD

My VW is smoother when accelerating through the gears, pulling stronger from lower revs. Motorway driving is more relaxed with the extra top gear pulling power. Very pleased with my tunit.

Jordan,VW Polo 1.4 Blue GT

I would highly recommend Tunit, great customer service. Both the Optimum Plus and Power Pedal have made a considerable difference to my car with regards to acceleration. Considering I can change the settings on the Optimum Plus, I have never actually wanted to and have been more than happy with it on Sport +. Glad I bought these instead of getting a re-map as I can unplug and plug in whenever I want; it’s great!