Tunit Power Pedal Pro


• Easy mode control via smartphone app
• 4 settings from Urban to Race
• Improved throttle response for better driving experience
• Dual processor for smooth application and safety
• Fully compatible with other tuning products
• Easy to install or dealer install
• 2 Year Product Warranty


Item Description:

The Power Pedal Pro is developed using race track technology to provide outstanding results. It adjusts performance without a physical increase to BHP or torque. The application of performance delivery is chosen using modes via the smartphone app. The pedal performs well as a standalone product but can be used in conjunction with other performance products for greater results.

Superior Performance

The Power Pedal Pro is the ideal addition to any existing performance device. Control the delivery of power from your smartphone.

Adjustable Tuning

The Power Pedal Pro can be adjusted precisely to your driving needs via the custom tune mode. For even more power use race mode or urban for better economy..

Go Eco

The Power Pedal Pro can be set to Eco mode for superior economy or even locked in Eco mode when another driver is using the vehicle.


Neil,Mitsubishi L200

We were planning a long drive (approx 1300 miles round trip) to Scotland and prior to the Tunit being fitted were looking at a diesel bill of approx GBP 380.00 for the journey, based on manufacturer consumption info. The actual cost for the journey worked out at GBP 270.00, with the unit set slightly lower than when fitted - but with the vehicle fully loaded. The Highlands presented no trouble for the vehicle, with the extra torque propelling us up slopes with amazing ease, and a much more enjoyable engine noise than the raw tone generated before the unit was fitted. My wife has already brought another unit for her VW, and a friend is buying a unit shortly for his L200 aswell. Cannot recommend these units highly enough.

Jonathon,Audi A5

Just wanted to add the NEW Optimum PLUS with Smart Phone control is an amazing bit of kit, less than 24 hours into using the upgrade but its brilliant, thanks again Michael and everyone at Tunit.