Tunit III


• Increased BHP
• Increased Torque
• Fuel Savings on average of 12%
• Self-install
• Professional dealer install available
• 2 Year Product Warranty
• Part Exchange or reprogram for your next machine

£179.00 ex VAT

Item Description:

The Tunit III is specific to a BMW engine used in BMW, Range rover and Vauxhall. Installation is via original plugs and setup is simple via a screw on the body. Or visit one of our dealers for an install. Performance and economy gains are seen immediately. Drive is easier and smoother.

Superior Performance

The Tunit III focuses on reducing the lag seen on older diesel engines. Mid-range improved torque makes driving much more of a pleasure bringing benefits in economy also.

Adjustable Tuning

The Tunit III is adjustable on installation. If the vehicle has a change of use then further adjustments can be made.

Go Eco

The Tunit has provided economy for many years on an array of applications and has been used extensively on Military vehicles.


David, Mercedes CLS 320CDI

Got the Tunit....if I told you it took less than 3 minutes to fit...piece of cake. Have it on level 5 and will leave it there as there is no smoke and there is a noticeable improvement in performance (esp mid range...oodles more torque). Where the tunit does differ from the rest is that it is much more refined...I have had previous plug and plays...all these products were either full on or off which is not what I wanted for the Merc, which now is much more responsive. Regards David Received a week later... Nick Have had the tunit for one week so the honeymoon period is over...my thoughts? Its like driving a CLS 500 with the fuel economy of a diesel. I have left the module in position 5...the result oodles of torque...snappier acceleration and just all round a better car and would you believe smoother. What Merc are at with the standard ECU Ill never know. Tunit is streets ahead of previous plug and plays I have used.

Mike, Mitsubishi Shotgun 3.2 DI-DC

I only do a low mileage but the saving is about 15 to 20%