Tunit Power Pedal Pro


• Easy mode control via smartphone app
• 4 settings from Urban to Race
• Improved throttle response for better driving experience
• Dual processor for smooth application and safety
• Fully compatible with other tuning products
• Easy to install or dealer install
• 2 Year Product Warranty

£187.50 ex VAT

Item Description:

The Tunit Power Pedal Pro is a method of throttle tuning developed using race track technology to provide outstanding results. It adjusts performance without a physical increase to BHP or torque. The application of performance delivery is chosen using modes via the smartphone app. The pedal performs well as a standalone product but can be used in conjunction with other performance products for greater results.

Superior Performance

The Power Pedal Pro is the ideal addition to any existing performance device. Control the delivery of power from your smartphone.

Adjustable Tuning

The Power Pedal Pro can be adjusted precisely to your driving needs via the custom tune mode. For even more power use race mode or urban for better economy..

Go Eco

The Power Pedal Pro can be set to Eco mode for superior economy or even locked in Eco mode when another driver is using the vehicle.


Dave , BMW Alpina D3

After Installation the D3 vastly improved in performance reving like a petrol engine and the extra torque made it pull much harder through the gears.Also it improved the mpg by 4 which is outstanding.Highly reccomended Thanks Dave

Robert , Vauxhall/Opel combo 1.7cdti

as a sameday courier covering 90k miles per year I am always looking for ways to save fuel. I obtained a tunit unit. It improved my motorway fuel consumption at 70mph from 43mpg to 45-50 mpg. I have now exchanged it to fit my new 1.3 Doblo van. My 1st 400 miles job got me 37mpg but when I fitted the tunit I got 45mpg doing the same motorway journey.