Diesel Package


• Increased BHP
• Increased Torque
• Fuel Savings on average of 12%
• Adjustable BHP & Torque settings 0 and 9
• Dash mounted control
• 5 Accelerator response settings – Eco to Sport Plus
• Able to be dealer bespoke tuned
• 2 Year Engine Warranty
• 5 Year Product Warranty
• Life time Part Exchange or reprogram for your next vehicle.


Item Description:

The Tunit Advantage 3 and Power Pedal make up the Diesel Package. The Diesel Package provides maximum performance and control over performance & economy. The Tunit Advantage offers outstanding BHP and torque gains alone but when teamed up with the Power Pedal, control over the performance delivery, acceleration and economy then comes to your fingertips via the dash mounted control. Installed through original plugs by yourself or through one of our worldwide dealers. Bespoke fine tuning can be carried out by a Tunit dealer on installation or at a later date. Extensive aftersales service on warranties and upgrading. The Diesel Package is the premium solution for diesel car and 4×4.

Superior Performance

The Diesel Package provides the best in performance, savings and aftercare. Optimise your diesel engine with outstanding torque and BHP. Average fuel savings of 12%. Maximum control.

Adjustable Tuning

The Diesel Package allows adjustment through the Advantage 3 which actually increases or decreases BHP and torque. The dash control part of the kit controls the delivery of that performance. Exhilara

Go Eco

Every driver and every car is different. Although already pre-programmed and pre-set for your car, easy to use controls allow performance to be tailored to suit your driving style.


Mike ,Renault Espace 2.2 DCI

Well, its amazing! I could not believe that fitting this little box would be like fitting a brand new engine. Power went up, so acceleration improved. We have an Auto box, and the changes became smoother. Then the big bonus - 14% improvement in economy on the school run, over 20% when doing long distance motorway. Previously our Grand Espace was stuck on 25.7mpg. since fitting the Tunit we get on average 29.5mpg. On the motorway, with a long journey we see 34mpg (before we'd be lucky to get 27mpg). So all in all, it makes for a better drive, better economy and is like buying a totally different car. Dealer serviced it recently and not a mention was given about the Tunit :-)

Tim ,Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 2.5

Better performance, engine flexibility and response. Makes the shogun a _very_ good towing vehicle. Presently I have a camper conversion project in hand and will fit a tunit when complete.