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Graham , Toyota Rav 4 2.0 D-4D

it does what you said it does on both ecomomy and performance but my reason for purchase was performance and this im very pleased with

S, Ford Kuga 2.0 TDCi

I’ve got the Advantage 3 unit for this car and it’s constantly returning a minimum 36mpg driven hard!! With all that power it’d be rude not to now wouldn’t it!! We did have a mad moment coming back from Milton Keynes a while back and floored it just to see what she would do..,she did the clock…boom all the way round…well impressed! My wife even said that it’s incredible that by just accelerating normally…gently through the gears within seconds in each gear…you’re at 100mph in no time at all..which is dangerous as it’s sooooo damn quiet for a diesel