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Superior Performance

The Tunit III focuses on reducing the lag seen on older diesel engines. Mid-range improved torque makes driving much more of a pleasure bringing benefits in economy also.

Adjustable Tuning

The Tunit III is adjustable on installation. If the vehicle has a change of use then further adjustments can be made.

Go Eco

The Tunit has provided economy for many years on an array of applications and has been used extensively on Military vehicles.


Colin , Toyota RAV-4

Very good customer care at gorse motors and very pleased with the performance of my Rav in all aspects ie better in the gears, able to keep in higher gear up hills,at present only had the unit ashort while but miles per gallon has improved cant wait to tow my caravan fill confident it will pull better.

Andy, Nissan Navara NP 300 2.3L

The guys at Tunit could not be more helpful. Got my mate Dave Bardwell to do the instillation as he is a mechanic and I am not. He got on the phone and the Tunit staff sent through pictures and detailed description. Got the Advantage 3 and Power Pedal Pro fitted. Straight away there is a very noticeable sharpening of throttle response and generally more grunt. Only driven it for about 8 miles so far so cant comment on the fuel economy just yet. Well pleased. Can highly recommend Tunit, Andy Stubbs.