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Superior Performance

The C-11 provides incredible torque just where you need it in any commercial condition. Fuel consumption has been shown to improve across commercial fleets in all sectors

Adjustable Tuning

The Tunit C-11 is adjusted on installation to meet your vehicle and load needs. Dealer install recommended.

Go Eco

The C-11 is used predominantly for better economy. A bespoke tune provides exact adjustments for the best economy while delivering maximum performance.


R W , Peugeot 406 TDi

Thanks very much for your recent service on my purchase of Tunit for my 406. I must say that the help, assistance and service from all of you has been first class and it has been a pleasure to deal with you. The true test came recently when I towed my caravan and awning to North Devon, where I noticed a vast improvement. Thanks for all your help again

Mark, Hino 700 FS

You are now my bestest pal in the whole world...and all that! After me ordering the box on the phone from you, it came well inside 24 hours and I fitted it myself after my first load at 06.00 in the dark, which is why it took about 3 minutes including tilting the cab! I have used it for one day on factory setting 5 to get used to the extra grunt the truck now has and will turn it up bit by bit. It is very noticeable that it has more power now because I can skip 3-4 gears when fully loaded changing up which is very strange (but I can get used to it!). Ill give it a go for a while playing with it and let you know by phone or computer message how I get on. Again thanks mate I think for the money it cost Im glad I didnt go for the re-map. --- Update - Received 24th February 2009: Hey Dan, Just clearing some stuff from my e-mails and found this. My truck has now done 330,000kms plus with the tunit box and is still on max power from the day I got it!! (I was told 535bhp). The engine uses no oil from service to service. How much does a 480 bhp Volvo cost? because a lad in a TARMAC 8x4 had a go with me last year and could not run with me from 40mph up until the speed limiters. Thanks lads I am still happy with my box. (driving like a **** does save fuel with the box though). All the best Mark