Optimum Plus - Petrol tuning solution
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Optimum Plus

Petrol Tuning

Power Gains

Better Fuel Economy

> Increased BHP

> Increased torque

> Fuel savings on average 5%

> Adjustable via App

> Increased BHP

> Increased torque

> Fuel savings on average 5%

> Adjustable via app

> Reprogram to next car for free

> Easy to install

> Engine & product warranty

> Lifetime part exchange

> Reprogram to next car for free

> Easy to install

> Engine & product warranty

> Lifetime part exchange

Petrol tuning with the Optimum Plus

The Tunit Optimum Plus is the premium product for Petrol engine vehicle. The Optimum is easily installed or can be installed by one of our dealers through our worldwide network. It is packed with the most features which will improve your BHP and torque while also decreasing your fuel consumption.

The Optimum Plus has can be moved between ECO, Sport and Sport modes using our mobile phone APP. Uniquely the Optimum Plus can be transferred to any other vehicle at no extra cost to you.

Annual Mileage

15K miles
1,000 miles100,000 miles


35 mpg
1 mpg70 mpg

Fuel Price

190 p/l
100 p/l200 p/l

Annual Fuel Cost


Annual Fuel Cost w/ Tunit


Annual Saving


Pays for itself in 14 months



Fuel Saving


Tunit is extremely proud to boast a very strong and long-standing dealer network which helps us cover the majority of the UK and even overseas. We believe local installation and support is as important now as it has ever been. The feeling of confidence knowing that the Tunit has been fitted professionally matters, and by using one of our dealers you can walk away knowing you’ve got a high quality tune.

One thing that is always on a customers mind when it comes to tuning their vehicle is the effect that it’s going to have on the vehicles lifespan. At Tunit we operate within manufacturers saftey limits which means that the Tunit isn’t capable of causing any harm to the vehicle. We recognise that people are always scepticle of taking a company at their word and that’s why we cover your vehicle and product through warranty.

The Optimum Plus comes with a 2 year product warranty to ensure that your purchase is covered. Alongside the product warranty we offer a 2 year engine and drivetrain warranty which covers your vehicle from any potential caused by the Tunit. This however is purely in place for your peace of mind as we have never had a claim to say that the Tunit has caused damage to a customers vehicle.

With the current price of fuel soaring and a lot of uncertainty around whether we will ever see some of the prices we’ve become used to, it’s more important than ever to be mindful of the amount of fuel we’re using. The Optimum Plus aims to reduce the amount of fuel your vehicle is using by helping you get in to higher gears faster and stay in them for longer. 

Our customers average a 5% saving on fuel after having the Tunit fitted and even just saving a little bit can make a big difference over the course of a year or two.​

The Optimum Plus provides easy installation and quick adjustment by connected to your smartphone via our app. This way you can easily change the mode of your Tunit on the fly to suite your drive and maximise the efficiency of every journey you make.

This level of adjustability is unique to our product and not something that can be easily mirrored via a remap. The ability to change your tune when you want helps you to get the most out of your Tunit and optimise how your want the car to feel depending on the journeys you’re making.​


Malcolm Diamond

BMW 3 Series 330d

My 330D BMW Touring was always good on performance but having seen an ad for Tunit specifically citing their unit’s increase in bhp and mpg improvement I spoke to Mark at Tunit who reassured me of the benefits from fitting his unit. It was expertly installed by UMS in Uckfield and the resulting difference in acceleration is simply breathtaking. I wasn’t expecting such an improvement from such a straightforward and affordable upgrade Recommended highly.

Review received via Trustpilot

Julian Grimmal

Ford Transit

I had the Tunit installed to my Transit 90 hp just 10 days ago because the fuel economy was so bad ! To say I am pleased now is a big understatement. Before I got around 360 miles per tank before and now I am getting 410 per tank. The fuel economy was expected but the extra power took me aback. I actually like driving this nearly as much as my Q7 now which is booked in next week to have the same ! Thanks

Review received via Email

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