Customisable throttle response

The Power Pedal Pro is pre installed with three modes to help you transform your car and make your journeys better – Urban, Sport and Race modes; however, if you want to create your own engine performance, you can use the custom option to configure the performance.

No panels are required to configure the Power Pedal Pro, all you need is our smartphone app. By Bluetooth, the app will connect to your device and you will have the perfect engine performance and a greater throttle performance at your fingertips.


The Power Pedal Pro is easy to install, using the existing accelerator pedal with the original plug. It only takes minutes to tune your vehicle and receive incredible results. In order to receive maximum results we highly recommend you visit one of our dealers for a bespoke tune.

Our dealers are happy for you to gain a first hand experience, all you need to do is arrange a time to Try Before You Buy. Your dealer will tune a Power Pedal Pro to your engine and you will have the opportunity to take a test drive.

Should you purchase a new vehicle after installing your Power Pedal Pro to an old vehicle, your local dealer will be happy to reinstall it on your new vehicle free of charge.

With our high customer satisfaction, we are confident that you will drive away satisfied with your new engine performance.

Tunit For Life

With Tunit For Life we offer a part exchange on our products meaning that you will never have to pay for a full tune again. If you have any old Tunit devices you no longer need or you are willing to upgrade then before you dispose of them, check to see if they are eligible for Tunit For Life because you may be able to return old Tunit devices in exchange for discounts.


Customer satisfaction is very important to us, we want to deliver a safe and enhanced engine performance, that’s why the Power Pedal Pro comes with a two year warranty meaning it is protected for two years from purchase.

Should anything go wrong we will happily fix your Power Pedal Pro or send you a replacement. For more information read our policy on product warranty here.

If you’d like to know how fitting a Tunit will benefit your vehicle contact us by our site, call us on 01257 274100 or email us at