(Tunit & Tunit Advantage)

The Diesel Tunit works in a unique way providing results unlike any other tuning map or tuning box. It connects to an original plug in the engine bay. Signals such as air mass, accelerator position, fuel injection timing and fuel delivery are measured and from this a load calculation then delivers new improved signals to optimise the performance and economy. The Tunit does not remove any safety limits set by the manufacturer for the engines safety and longevity and in fact leaves the original ECU program intact. The result is the most effective Diesel Tuning solution that increases performance. Used internationally by Individuals, Commercial and Government the Tunit is unrivalled in results and return on investment. Once removed the Tunit can be reused on another vehicle with an upgrade or part exchange.


(Optimum & Optimum Plus)

The Petrol Tunit operates by in a totally different way to conventional Petrol Tuning. Mapping or chipping deletes the original software, removes the the engine safety limitations and replaces it with a modified program affecting your warranty and not allowing your vehicle to return to original condition. The Tunit Optimum plugs into the OBD port (near the drivers seat) which is a 16 pin connector installed by all vehicle manufacturers that  communicates with the ECU (Engine Management) . The Tunit works by leaving all original programming intact but then applying offsets to the signals coming to and from the ECU. These are done while leaving all the manufacturers safety limits in place unlike any mapping or chipping solution. If removed the Original manufacturers settings take over and the vehicle reverts to standard. Installation is simple and results are instant. After a further 100 mile learning period the Optimum adjusts to the individual car to provide even more performance. The Optimum Plus provides adjustment from Eco to Sport PLUS via a smart Phone App. (links to Android and iPhone). The Optimum covers over 5000 applications worldwide and it can be moved to an unlimited amount of vehicles at no extra cost. If you do not see your vehicle then ask and we can develop the program in a short amount of time.


The Tunit Power Pedal works directly with the your cars Accelerator to offer a choice of Economy or Sport modes. The dash mounted control provides two Eco modes, Standard and two Sport Modes that alter how the performance of the engine is delivered. Whether the preference required be an acceleration never experienced before or a reduced performance for safety/economy then the change is immediate. Similar technology is used by Race teams to extract maximum acceleration. The Power Pedal differs in being adjustable. It has a dual processor for safety against failure and it can be upgraded to move onto your next car. The Power Pedal works independently or in conjunction with the Diesel Advantage or Petrol Optimum providing maximum control over performance and economy. The Tunit power pedal covers over 4000 applications. If you cannot see the application you want then please contact us as we will be developing it.