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Performance Tuning Leader Since 1998

Performance tuning for diesel and petrol vehicles, specially tailored for your car. Up to 30% more BHP and Torque. For all makes and models. Unleash your car’s full potential at Tunit Performance Tuning. Arrange a try before you buy at any dealer in the UK. Tunit has over 250 installation centres around the UK.

Up to 30% more BHP and Torque

Tunit Performance Tuning optimisation unlocks up to 30% more power.


Engine warranty included

Thanks to our comprehensive engine warranty you and your ride are protected.


Performance Tuning can save you fuel

Tunit works unlike any other chip, remap or unit by the extra low down torque provided..


Performance Tuning – Recieve Your Car’s BHP, Torque & Fuel Gains

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Tunit Performance Tuning has been delivering vehicle Engine Tuning, Diesel Tuning and Petrol Tuning for high performance and economy since 1998. Founded in Chorley, Lancashire Tunit have manufactured and distributed worldwide considerably longer than most car remapping or car chipping companies. Engine Tuning, Diesel Tuning and Petrol Tuning is not just restricted to cars. 4x4`s, Commercial vehicles, motorhomes, tractors and boats all benefit from Tunit.

Tunit was introduced as an improved method over engine chipping and engine remapping. It is also different to a regular Tuning Box.  A chip or map method is invasive to the vehicles engine management system. It removes the cars original software and is difficult to reverse or change if the result is not desirable. The Tunit is everything a Map or Chip cannot be. It is adjustable, removable and does not interfere with your vehicles original equipment. It leaves the engines safety parameters in place.

The software files on each Tunit have been developed under road and simulated road conditions. Using our 1000 BHP dynamometer (or Dyno rolling road). Maximum performance and economy are achieved without removing the manufacturer's safety measures. 

Tunit is not just a great product but it is a great company. Our longevity in the industry is a testimonial to our success. We provide long-term care for as long as you own a Tunit. We help you performance enhance and save fuel when you purchase your next car all for less with our part exchange and upgrade programs. We even have warranties that protect your engine for your peace of mind.

Once a customer, we look after you in other ways. We provide award-winning after sales support through our National and Local Tuning dealer Network. Whether you or your business want speed, economy, acceleration, pulling power or a combination, the Tunit range of products are flexible enough to accommodate and adapt to each and every vehicle. If you have a change of use of the vehicle we can adapt the Tunit to suit you more.

All Tunit products are adjustable unlike car mapping or car chipping. Each Tunit product has a user-friendly adjustment either by an external manual adjustment or smartphone. Additional custom tuning, upgrades and part exchanges can be carried out by any Tunit dealer. 

If you are looking at Tuning any engine or vehicle Tunit covers over 10,000 various vehicles and engines worldwide. Our experience is extensive and we will always provide you help and advice to achieve performance, economy or both. Tunit has been established since 1998 .

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Tunit Standard

For Diesel

  • More Power
  • More Torque
Tunit Advantage 3

Tunit Advantage

For Diesel

  • More Power
  • More Torque
  • Better Fuel Economy

Tunit Optimum

For Petrol

  • More Power
  • Better Economy
  • Smartphone Control

Tunit Power Pedal

For Petrol & Diesel

  • Improved Response
  • 13 Settings
  • Dual Processor


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How to install your Tunit.

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Tunit is the trading name of BVS LIMITED,
Registered office, 7 Clarence St, Chorley, Lancashire, PR7 2BJ Registered in England, Company Registration 03026598, VAT Registration GB798049375


Tunit has dealers located around the world