Guaranteed Better Economy

Use the sliders to adjust the figures to suit your driving habits and find out the estimated fuel savings after fitting a Tunit to your vehicle. The figures used to calculate these figures are based off fuel savings witnessed by our customers and fed back to us via testimonials and reviews.

Annual Mileage

15K miles
1,000 miles100,000 miles


35 mpg
1 mpg70 mpg

Fuel Price

171 p/l
120 p/l220 p/l

Annual Fuel Cost


Annual Fuel Cost w/ Tunit


Annual Saving


Pays for itself in 14 months

Check out the latest average fuel prices in the UK here.

How do we achieve better economy?

By providing your vehicle with more low end power you vastly improve the drivability by getting through the gears faster and helping get to a more efficient point much quicker. The extra power also means that the engine is more capable of staying in higher gears for longer and therefore avoiding using more fuel by dropping down a gear. 

Car filling up on fuel

How can you guarantee better economy?

Our improvement in economy has been verified by a study carried out by a university student as well as an independant survey of over 9,000 Tunit customers owning a variety of cars, 4x4s, vans and trucks. The results showed an average saving of 12% on diesel engines and continual trials by fleets continue to return results of 12% and over.

The study carried out was similar to euro standards emission standards tests. Fourteen separate tuning manufacturers products were sampled and the tests were ran repeatedly using the same diesel engine. Tunit was the only performance enhancing product shown to improve performance, save fuel and reduce emissions simultaneously.

Guaranteed fuel savings are 12% for diesel and 5% for petrol and only apply to new Advantage 3‘s and Optimum Plus‘s fitted by certified Tunit dealers.

The Tunit For You

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