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  • Advantage C-24 Tuning Module

    Tunit Advantage C-24

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Superior Performance

The premium Advantage C-24 provides incredible torque just where you need it in any commercial condition. Fuel consumption has been shown to improve across commercial fleets in all sectors.

Adjustable Tuning

The Tunit Advantage C-24 premium model can be adjusted by a Tunit dealer precisely to maximise your economy and meet your type of work head on.

Go Eco

The C-24 is used predominantly for better economy. A bespoke tune provides exact adjustments for the best economy while delivering maximum performance.


Chris, BMW X1 xDrive20d

I can comfortably do 50mph in 6th now where it struggled before, and revs are much quicker to get moving. It's still a big lump as you say;) but feels a lot more sprightly

Frank , VW Golf 2.0 TDI

Very impressed. I liked it that much I even wrote a review of it in the Volkwagen Driver magazine. April and May issues 2008.