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Superior Performance

The premium Advantage A-24 provides incredible torque just where you need it. Working in the field and road becomes faster, fuel savings mean less downtime filling up.

Adjustable Tuning

The Tunit Advantage A-24 premium model provides easy adjustment 0-9 via an external dial or bespoke fine tune through our national dealer network to meet your type of work head on.

Go Eco

Every machine is different. Choose a setting 0-9 from the A-24 external dial. Move higher or lower to improve economy.


Les,Toyota Hilux 2.4 Auto

Have previously fitted one to our Kubuta m 6060 as it was struggling to drive our Class Rollant 250 rotafeed no drive's it with ease.Just fitted another to our Toyota Hilux Auto which normally returned 28 averaged to the gallon now averaging 38 and more torque to stay in the higher gears hence better fuel economy.Very pleased.

Robert ,Rover 75 tourer CDTI

Power, torque and particularly engine smoothness improvements are all very impressive even after the 25 mile drive home from having it fitted.