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Superior Performance

The Tunit Standard provides incredible torque just where you need it. Working in the field and road becomes faster, fuel savings mean less downtime filling up.

Adjustable Tuning

The Tunit Standard model provides adjustment 0-9 via an internal dial or bespoke fine tun through our national dealer network to meet your type of work head on.

Go Eco

Every machine is different. Choose a setting 0-9 from the adjustment dial. Move higher or lower to improve economy.


Stewart ,Toyota Hilux 2.5 D-4D

Many thanks for the customer support enquiry. The answer is Yes we managed to fit the device successfully. We have left it on the factory setting 5 and it has transformed the engine. It has improved the fuel burn from cold , the engine smoked a little originally even though it had only covered 20,000 miles. It is noticeably more powerful through the rev range and clearly has more torque than the stock programming. We are very pleased so far and would recommend your product. Kind regards Stewart

Robert ,Vauxhall/Opel combo 1.7cdti

as a sameday courier covering 90k miles per year I am always looking for ways to save fuel. I obtained a tunit unit. It improved my motorway fuel consumption at 70mph from 43mpg to 45-50 mpg. I have now exchanged it to fit my new 1.3 Doblo van. My 1st 400 miles job got me 37mpg but when I fitted the tunit I got 45mpg doing the same motorway journey.