A selection of the latest vehicles which have been tuned at Tunit HQ or by one of our network of dealers.

Nissan Navara
Back of Nissan Navara
Nissan Navara with the bonnet up
Tunit Advantage 2B in Nissan Navara engine bay

Nissan Navara

Mr. Elleray purchased the Advantage 2B for his Nissan after being recommend by Tunit dealer Fred Coupe Nissan.

After installation Mr. Elleray’s Navara now reaches a minimum of 231 BHP with our Tunit Advantage 2B. Not only that but the torque has been increased from 332 lbs/ft up to 373 lbs/ft.

Ford Transit with the bonnet up
Tunit Advantage 2B in Ford Transit engine bay
Back of Ford Transit

Ford Transit

Mr Jackson came to Tunit to transform his Ford Transit’s performance with the latest diesel model. Tunit works great on any van or commercial vehicle improving acceleration, allowing the carrying of heavier loads and vastly reducing fuel costs.

Once the Tunit was installed the Transit went from from 85 BHP to 103 BHP and Torque from 184 lbs/ft to 216 lbs/ft.

After a test drive Mr. Jackson was very happy and particularly noticed the van now having a smoother drive.

Skoda Octavia VRS
Skoda Octavia VRS Grill
Skoda Octavia VRS Dash
Skoda Octavia VRS Dash

Skoda Octavia VRS

Longstanding customer Mr. Winstanley who only came to have his Advantage re-programmed for his Octavia in October, returned for the installation of a Tunit Power Pedal.

Mr.Winstanley now controls the power delivery of his Skoda via a dash-mounted control pad. He now benefits from improved throttle response and smoother acceleration.

The best results are gained with both a Tunit Advantage and Power Pedal working at the same time complimenting each other for every mile of your journey!

Mercedes C220
Mecedes C220 grill
Tunit installed in Mercedes C220 engine bay
Mercedes C220 badge

Mercedes-Benz C220 Sport

Mr Webber brought his stunning Mercedes-benz C220 to our Tunit offices to be fitted with our top spec diesel Tunit. Already impressed with his standard Tunit, it was a natural choice to return for the latest model for better performance, improved economy, and advanced adjustment. The Advantage offers 9 different maps to choose from via the dial.

Once the Tunit was installed the Mercedes went from from 167 BHP to 206 BHP and Torque from 295 lbs/ft to 335 lbs/ft.

Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang pedals with the Tunit Optimum next to them
Ford Mustang side angle
Ford Mustang interior

Ford Mustang

Mr. Bell who regularly travels long distances for work, chose to get a Optimum Plus fitted to his Ford Mustang GT to improve both the power and fuel economy.

The running costs of a Mustang are steep and setting the Tunit to Eco on long journeys can save you £££’s on fuel.

Mr. Bell now enjoys controlling the power of his Mustang straight from his phone, being able to change between sport plus, sport, std and Eco modes at the touch of a button.

Toyota Land Cruiser side angle
Toyota Land Cruiser back
Toyota Land Cruiser with the bonnet up
Tunit Advantage 2B installed on a Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota LandCruiser

Mr. Dellar came for a Tunit Advantage 2B to be fitted to his Toyota Land Cruiser LC5 D-4D Auto.

After installation the Tunit took his Landcruiser from 187 BHP to 221 BHP and Torque from 310 lbs/ft to 350 lbs/ft. The vehicle also now benefits from a better response rate, improved acceleration and most importantly 12% fuel savings. After successful test drive Mr. Dellar was on his way as another happy Tunit customer.