What does the Tunit do?

The Tunit improves BHP, torque and fuel economy.

How is the Tunit installed?

The Tunit connects using original manufacturers plugs to a plug in the engine bay. Tunit Dealers are available to carry out installation and bespoke tune for you, but full instructions are also provided to allow for self install.

Can the Tunit cause any damage?

The Tunit does not remove any safety parameters from the vehicles Electronic Control Unit (ECU), so it cannot damage its engine. The Tunit also has an Engine and Driveline warranty with each Tunit.

How does the Tunit save fuel?

The Tunit saves fuel by providing improved torque where needed for efficient gear changes and reducing the amount of fuel used when driving conditions do not require it.

Can I install the Tunit myself?

The answer is yes, in most circumstaces. However, we always recommend using one of our dealers for a professional installation, test drive and support.

Is my vehicle warranty affected?

No, your vehicle warranty can’t be voided due to the Tunit being installed. Unlike a map or a chip, which removes the original programming from the vehicle, the Tunit is a retro-fit device. No vehicle safety limits are removed unlike mapping or chipping.

Can I transfer my Tunit to my new vehicle?

The original Tunit has a three year p/ex or in the case of an Advantage 2B, a Life Time Part Exchange. You have the choice of upgrading your Tunit to suit your next vehicle or a full part exchange to a new model.

What is the difference between a Tunit, Chipping and Mapping?

The Tunit is an extremely installed computer. Chipping invloves soldering a new chip into your ECU. Mapping permanentley deletes yourerxisiting software on your vehicle and replaces it.

Why is Tunit better than other tuning options?

The Tunit software has a Unique “load calculation” which allows the Tunit to provide Extra performance when demanded but also reduce fuel the fuel delivered to the engine when required. Tunit has Unprecedented Product and vehicle warranties of 3 and 5 Years. Part exchange and upgrade facilities are available to each New Customer. Tunit have supplied Commercial companies, Governments and individuals since longer than any other Diesel Tuning company.

How much is the Tunit?

The Tunit prices range from £179.00 to £635.00 (ex. VAT). For options please check yours https://tunit.com/find-vehicle-2/. To spread payments see https://www.tunit.com/payment-options