What does the Tunit do?

The Tunit improves BHP, torque and fuel economy.

How is the Tunit installed?

The Tunit connects using original manufacturers plugs to a plug in the engine bay. Some applications plug into the diagnostic port in the car. Tunit Dealers are available to carry out installation and bespoke tune for you, but full instructions are also provided to allow for self-install.

Can I install the Tunit myself?

Yes if you wish. All tunit models can be self-installed and have original manufacturers plugs.  We do always recommend a dealer install and bespoke tune which means that you receive a professional install, an individual laptop tune and test drive. Importantly a local Tunit dealer provides excellent local support should you wish to adjust or move your Tunit to another vehicle.

Why should I use a Tunit Dealer?

We always recommend an install at your local tunit dealer. It is not just about the install, installations can be simple depending on the vehicle, however the service provided by your local tunit dealer is invaluable. A dealer will not just install, but also bespoke tune the Tunit to your individual needs. They sit alongside you for a test drive afterwards to ensure you have the performance and economy you wanted. If you want more torque & BHP at low revs, mid-range or elsewhere then the dealer alters the software in the Tunit to suit you.  If you wish to tailor more towards fuel economy then that’s what they will do. Tunit dealers offer a unique bespoke adjustment service that general mapping and chipping options cannot.

Can the Tunit cause any damage?

No. The Tunit does not remove any safety parameters from the vehicles Electronic Control Unit (ECU) which mapping and chipping does, so it cannot push the engine beyond its limits and cause damage. It does not send any signals back to the ECU like a chip or map so cannot damage or alter the original files in the ECU.  The premium Tunit models also have an engine warranty for peace of mind. A warranty we are proud to say has never been called upon.

How does the Tunit save fuel?

The Tunit saves fuel by providing improved torque where needed for efficient gear changes regardless of the transmission being automatic or manual. The introduction of fuel is also reduced when driving conditions do not require it. Tunit software has a unique load calculation that has been shown through surveys and university study to effectively improve economy by 12% (Diesel and Diesel Hybrid), 8% (Petrol). We recommend an installation and bespoke tune at your local Tunit dealer to get the balance of performance and economy that suits you.

Is my vehicle warranty affected?

No, your vehicle warranty cannot be void due to the Tunit being installed. Unlike a map or a chip, which removes the original programming from the vehicle, the Tunit is a retro-fit device. No vehicle safety limits are removed unlike mapping or chipping.

Can I transfer my Tunit to my new vehicle?

Yes, in most cases with an upgraded harness and reprogram you can. If you cannot we will part exchange your old Tunit for the latest model. Premium model Tunits carry a lifetime part exchange but even with a non-premium model we will always assist a returning customer with some money back.

What is the difference between a Tunit, Chipping and Mapping?

Chipping refers to opening up the ECU (engine computer) and replacing a chip on the printed circuit board. The process is lengthy and invasive of the ECU. Adjustment is not possible without repeating the process. Manufacturer’s safety limits are removed.

Mapping is a process where all or part of the ECU (engine computer) programming is replaced. Manufacturers safety limits are removed. Adjustment is not possible. Modern cars, trucks and tractors have regular ECU updates either with a dealer or wirelessly which overwrites the map and puts the car back to standard.

Tunit provides an external computer management system which is not affected by manufacturers updating the ECU. It has a warranty of up to 5 years and is transferrable onto your next vehicle. Your Tunit can be fully programmed to your individual car and individual needs by your local Tunit dealer unlike any mapping or chipping option.

Why is Tunit better than other tuning options?

The Tunit software has a unique “load calculation” which allows the Tunit to provide extra performance when demanded but also reduce fuel the fuel delivered to the engine when required. Tunit has unmatched product and vehicle warranties of 2 and 5 Years. Part exchange and upgrade facilities are available to each new customer. Tunit have supplied commercial companies, Governments and individuals longer than any other diesel tuning company.

Where can I have my Tunit installed?

In the UK there are over 200 qualified Tunit dealer’s with some having experience in Tunit spanning over 20 years. Each dealer is equipped with programming software that can alter the files on your Tunit and bespoke tune your car, 4×4, van, truck, tractor or boat for what you specifically want.

Why is Tunit the best option for my vehicle?

  • Tunit have been established since 1998 and have been used worldwide since then.
  • Tunit provides substantial increased performance safely without removing manufacturers safety limits.
  • The Tunit can be adjusted manually or more finely bespoke tuned at a Tunit dealer.
  • A network of dealers exist at home and abroad operating in over 18 countries worldwide. Each country has its own network of dealers.
  • Tunit claims of saving 12% on diesel engines is something substantiated by independent testing by university study and fleet testing. An independent survey of over 9000 prior Tunit customers showed an average improvement of 12% in economy.
  • Tunits research and development is ongoing with constant testing of new methods and developing new applications.
  • Tunit have uniquely provided services for the MOD British Military, British Aerospace, Government Councils
  • Tunit is trusted to provide fuel savings for fleets of trucks in the UK and overseas.
  • The Tunit software has a unique “load calculation” which allows the Tunit to provide extra performance when demanded but also reduce fuel delivered to the engine when required.
  • Tunit has unmatched product and vehicle warranties.
  • Part exchange and upgrade facilities are available to each new customer.
  • A great service is just as important as the product we provide and we strive to always provide increased support and customer care.

How much is a Tunit?

The Tunit prices range from £179.00 to £748.00 (ex. VAT). For options please check yours tunit.com/find-vehicle/. To spread payments see tunit.com/payment-options/.

If you have any further questions please ask below and we will get back to you straight away!