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Tunit began in 1998 specialising in Diesel performance.

We quickly became the product of choice for diesel enthusiasts, performance specialists and even main dealers.


Since 1998 Tunit lead the way in both turbo charged and normally aspirated Diesel cars. Magazine tests over the years showed outstanding results often considerably above other companies.  When VW introduced the first Diesel Racing Golf with a special diesel  MAP,  Tunit went one better and  produced a VW Golf  with more Torque than VAG had. Power and Torque is one thing but how it is delivered is more important. Tunit has always worked at providing smooth progressive performance and continue to do so.


Tunit  was the first UK company to introduce many features such as manual adjustment, original plugs and  bespoke tuning. The manual adjustment available on each tunit provides considerable benefits over a performance map or chip which is a fixed solution. The adjustment on the Tunit allows 9 different combinations of fuel and economy. The Tunit can be further bespoke tuned via laptop by any Tunit dealer.  The long warranty on a Tunit means you will never have an issue and the part exchange facility stops you ever paying full price for a Tune ever again.


Our dealer network is the backbone of our service to customers worldwide. A local dealer will always be there from the initial installation till your next tune. Unlike a remap or chip the dealer will provide a further bespoke tune after a test drive if required. If your car needs a change to economy or performance then our dealers are there for you at any time you own a tunit. Ready to change car ? A tunit dealer can upgrade your tunit at a much reduced price. Backed up with up to a 5 Year warranty and 2 year engine warranty we hope to see you again and again.

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