• More Power
  • More Torque
  • Improved Acceleration
  • Improved Efficency

Commercial Vehicles

Commercial Vehicles range from a small working Car right up to a Large Fleet of Trucks. Whatever the mileage covered Tunit has been shown repeatedly to drastically cut fuel costs. Among successful Fleets are County Councils, Military and Blue Chip companies. To arrange a Demonstrator on your commercial vehicle please contact us by phone or email Michael@tunit.co.uk

Municipal vehicles

Waste refuse vehicles, Gritters and Street Cleaners are among the specialist vehicles that look after our waste, highways and hygiene. They tend to be low mileage but heavy on fuel due to their special equipment. Their engines often rev high to drive their equipment.

Tunit have successfully cut fuel costs on these vehicles by up to 22% reducing costs dramatically and providing relief to Councils and organisations under financial strain.

Light Vans & Cars

Cars including Taxis and Vans, whether they are used by builders or flower shops benefit tremendously from Tunit. Many vans are vastly underpowered which make them extremely poor when it comes to economy. Tunit overcomes this and also cuts fuel when not required.


Trucks range from 7.5 to 44 tonnes and Tunit cover them all. If you have 1 or 1000 Trucks Tunit will cut what is probably your largest business expense “Fuel”. To find out about trialling a Tunit in your Fleet contact info@tunit.com or call 01257 274100.

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