Transform your tractor with massive fuel savings, better performance & reduced emissions by tuning with Tunit.

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    Whether you operate a tractor, telehandler or combine/forage harvester, maximising productivity and minimising down time are key factors in maintaining a profitable business. The Advantage A-24 has been developed solely with agriculture in mind, featuring an extra tough product housing and water-resistant connections.

    The A-24 is designed to tackle a range of applications and whatever the day’s work demands. In agriculture the demand on the engine is broad. Each job presents the engine with its own set of demands. Torque is needed from the off, but also maintaining that torque and power with heavy PTO driven machinery is equally important.

    The Tunit is fully laptop adjustable on installation. This allows the dealer to bespoke tune to exactly what that tractor or combine is used for. In the field speed is important when working to deadlines but can also save valuable time. On installation the dealer can readjust after the initial test drive. Saving fuel is a huge factor! Not only can diesel and AdBlue costs be cut by 12% but less trips to refuel means more time in the field and the job done quicker.

    Fuel Saving Calculator

    Annual Mileage

    15K miles
    1,000 miles100,000 miles


    35 mpg
    1 mpg70 mpg

    Fuel Price

    190 p/l
    100 p/l200 p/l

    Annual Fuel Cost


    Annual Fuel Cost w/ Tunit


    Annual Saving


    Pays for itself in 14 months


    New Holland T7 290

    • 261 BHP up to 290 BHP
    • 1371 ft/lbs Torque up to 1527 ft/lbs

    These gains are great for improving performance and saving fuel at the same time, which means you can stay out in the field longer. With a bespoke tune from one of our dealers you can tailor your tune to get exactly what you’re looking for. If you would rather more low end torque we can alter the Tunit to help exactly where you need it to, meaning you can align your tune with your farming goals.

    Fendt 939

    • 396 BHP up to 449 BHP
    • 1154 ft/lbs Torque up to 1307 ft/lbs

    Paul and Andrea of Bay Horse Farm have an array of machines enhanced by Tunit.
    Paul has been using Tunit for 16 years, one their machines is this impressive looking Fendt 939 used for planting on his 900 acres.
    Once the Tunit Advantage A-24 was installed Paul commented on the extra performance on take off. After a bespoke tune further improvement was seen at mid range and top speed on the road. As a bonus, fuel and AdBlue savings of over 12% were seen.