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Tunit have researched and developed for trucks for over 20 years to produce the very best in performance and economy with engine longevity in mind. Considerable performance gains, which are mainly improvements in torque, keep a truck or van at peak performance allowing you to get the job done with ease. Couple this with an improvement of 12% in fuel economy and the C-24 tackles one of the most expensive overheads a company has, fuel.

Whether it’s a tipper truck, long haul or tanker truck, serious savings are achieved. Although the C-24 is simple to install via original electrical connections, a bespoke tune through a local dealer is provided to achieve maximum efficiency for every vehicle.

The C-24 is successfully run on fleets of all types, worldwide including long haul, tippers, local councils, government, military and police.

Annual Mileage

15K miles
1,000 miles100,000 miles


35 mpg
1 mpg70 mpg

Fuel Price

190 p/l
100 p/l200 p/l

Annual Fuel Cost


Annual Fuel Cost w/ Tunit


Annual Saving


Pays for itself in 14 months


MAN TGS 35.420 8X4

KPI Reports run on an MAN TGS 35.420 8X4 brought back great improvements:

  • 6.67 MPG up to 8.22 MPG
Average emissions down from 1126.40 g/KM to 913.74 g/KM

The C-24 has been shown to increase power by around 20% and improve fuel economy by around 12%. Depending on mileage, this has helped to save our customers £5,000 per vehicle per year on fuel.

MAN TGX 26.480

  • 480 BHP up to 532 BHP
  • 1549 ft/lbs Torque up to 1804 ft/lbs

This MAN TGX 26.480 saw some great gains in both BHP and torque and will provide Craig with good fuel savings. Craig had an Advantage C-24 fitted and was very happy with the Tunit and has reported back that he has seen roughly a 0.50 – 0.75 miles to the gallon improvement.