Designed for agricultural vehicles

The Tunit Advantage A-24 is the first tuning solution designed solely for use with agricultural vehicles, helping farmers save money by maximising productivity and minimising downtime.

The Advantage A-24, being designed specifically for agriculture, is durable with its tough product housing and waterproof plug. With the Advantage A-24 installed, your farming routine will be easier as you enjoy the increased BHP and Torque whilst consuming less Red Diesel and AdBlue.

Easy tuning

Tuning your tractor has never been easier with the Advantage A-24. No external components are needed to tune it to your engine, it is installed through the original manufacturer’s connections, is compact in size and doesn’t interfere with engine components.

Throughout the nation we have a network of dealers based in most areas so you are bound to have access to a dealer near you, should you seek to buy an Advantage A-24.

As with any of our devices our dealers are more than happy to provide bespoke tuning to your vehicle, we’d recommend tuning through your dealer to ensure your vehicle gains maximum results. It is fully adjustable with a laptop, enabling the dealer to provide a bespoke tune to give your tractor or combine the exact performance it needs. With our high customer satisfaction, we are confident that you will drive away satisfied with your new engine performance.


Customer satisfaction is very important to us, we want to deliver a safe and enhanced engine performance, that’s why your Advantage A-24 comes with a five year warranty, meaning it is protected for five years from purchase.

Should anything go wrong we will happily fix your Advantage A-24 or if we can’t we will send you a replacement. For more information read our policy on product warranty here.

If you’d like to know how fitting a Tunit will benefit your vehicle contact us by our site, call us on 01257 274100 or email us at