Tunit is amongst the first tuning companies in the world to offer a solution for the i-ART systems, first introduced in the UK in late 2019 and worldwide in 2.4 and 2.8 engine variants since late 2020. Developed by Denso, the i-ART system is now used worldwide after being used for almost 10 years in Brazil by Toyota as well as being used by manufacturers including Volvo and Mazda.

So how does the i-ART system differ from the traditional common rail engine?
Common rail technology has remained largely unchanged since first appearing in passenger vehicles in the late 90s, utilising a single sensor to provide fuel pressure readings to the ECU. I-ART technology takes this one step further by incorporating a pressure sensor into each injector. Toyota claims enhanced performance along with reduced emissions and fuel consumption, but Tunit wouldn’t be Tunit if we didn’t look to push the boundaries further.

The all new Advantage 3i provided impressive results through its initial 2021 trials. The graphs here show an outstanding 35% increase in power and 25% increase in torque. On top of this, test vehicles have reported a 15% improvement on fuel economy. One customer was quoted as being ”Over the moon. It’s worth every penny, a lot of torque and after 800 miles I am better off by 3-4 mpg”. On a Hilux covering 15,000 miles per annum that’s a saving of over £500 on fuel.

The new Advantage 3i is available at all Tunit dealers nationwide and installation and test drive is a little over an hour. The Advantage 3i comes with a 5 year product warranty, 2 year engine warranty and lifetime part exchange. Call Tunit head office for details 01257 274 100.