Pre-Set To Either Sports +, Sport, Std Or ECO

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Superior Performance

Performance is our passion and we work to get more out of your engine. Optimise your petrol engine today for more power, torque and fuel economy.

Adjustable Tuning

The Tunit Optimum is easy to fit to any petrol vehicle by simply plugging in to the OBD port. The standard Optimum comes pre-set in one of three performance settings from Eco to Sport Plus.

Go Eco

By using Eco mode on your Tunit Optimum you can make drastic improvements to your fuel economy and save money by filling up less often.


Malcolm, BMW 3 Series 330d

My 330D BMW Touring was always good on performance but having seen an ad for Tunit specifically citing their unit’s increase in bhp and mpg improvement I spoke to Mark at Tunit who reassured me of the benefits from fitting his unit. It was expertly installed by UMS in Uckfield and the resulting difference in acceleration is simply breathtaking. I wasn’t expecting such an improvement from such a straightforward and affordable upgrade Recommended highly.

Ivan, Saab 9-3 1.9 TiD

Hi Dan, Have left it a while to thoroughly check my findings, and am very pleased - this last tweak, along wih the K & N filter means I am now locally on 44 to 46MPG, on a run 57 to 60MPG, the torque does not seem to be affected for it still accelerates in high gears from 1200RPM, and lots of torque by 1500RPM, but the even more surprising result over two longish but in traffic journeys tugging my 1500kg caravan gave me 36MPG, excellent. All on a tank top fill basis so no computer optimism included! This setting certainly suits the engine. Thanks and regards,