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Superior Performance

The Tunit III focuses on reducing the lag seen on older diesel engines. Mid-range improved torque makes driving much more of a pleasure bringing benefits in economy also.

Adjustable Tuning

The Tunit III is adjustable on installation. If the vehicle has a change of use then further adjustments can be made.

Go Eco

The Tunit has provided economy for many years on an array of applications and has been used extensively on Military vehicles.


Martin ,Landrover 3.6TDV8 Range Rover

After installing two tunits in three cars, number three Tunit for the RR Evoque is on order, it has proven very reliable. I sold the last Tunit when I bought the RR 4.2 Supercharged petrol and the diesel user is still enjoying that Tunit in his BMW - that goes back four years! I cruised down to Manchester airport yesterday in the Vogue and recorded 27.1 average MPG! I am not used to double-digits and the petrol station is complaining I am not in there much these days. And that in a 3-ton aerodynamic-brick with a 3.6 V8 engine. Fantastic - and it drive's well too - especially the 'pull' in D6 gear from low MPH. Best results are based on using D6 and setting the cruise for 72 MPH! As they say at Tesco's: "Every little helps!". Best regards, MARTIN BRAGG

I.,Toyota Hilux 3.0

Alright Chris, Just a quick email to let you know how pleased I am with the figures coming back for the average MPG after having the Tunit fitted. On a steady journey up to the NW coast of Cumbria: Without Tunit average 38.8MPG With Tunit average 47.2MPG All I can say is what an amazing bit of kit it is. Thanks