9 Unique Self Adjust Settings

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Superior Performance

Performance is our passion and we work to get more out of your engine. Optimise your diesel engine with outstanding torque and BHP. Average fuel savings of 12%

Adjustable Tuning

The Tunit Standard installed by you or through our dealer network. Adjustable 0-9 to your needs to bespoke tune through our dealer network.

Go Eco

Every driver and every car is different. Choose a setting 0-9, higher or lower to improve economy.


Martyn ,Landrover Defender TD5

I run a Defender TD5 in Dubai, which is all city driving or desert sand driving. The Tunit has allowed me to be a boy racer around town and have enough umff to get up the bigger dune, neither of which was possible before the Tunit.

Nigel,VW Scirocco 2.0 TDI


With regards to the Scirocco I can make a number of observations since the Tunit has been fitted:

· The fuel consumption has improved with the journey back from Silverstone showing 61.5 mpg travelling at an average of 80mph the car having 3 passengers plus me and a boot full of luggage. The overall average is holding at 53.5mpg being approx 8% better than before the unit was fitted.

· Performance wise the pulling power has noticeably improved giving a sense of urgency to the acceleration. The set up of the Scirocco with its lower profile wider tyres and sportier suspension seems more than able to cope with the increase and I would suggest that it could manage a little more. This is born out with the introduction of the 260bhp S3 version recent shown in the Top Gear Mag.

· The drivability is still as good as before the mod.