Each engine and vehicle has different characteristics and it is important to be able to alter the power delivery and economy for each. As an example several vehicles produced on the same day and production line will drive and perform differently. The Tunit products will compensate for any power variance with its facility to adjust.


Adjustment Method

The Tunit is pre-programmed but if you wish to adjust your tunit then you can choose between 9 settings to improve power and economy further.

Live Tuning

The Tunit can be bespoke tuned using our live tune facility available at any of our dealers. This can be done on the road with you driving or on a rolling road. Ideal if you want performance at a certain point or to tailor to specific jobs such as Heavy Towing acceleration or Economy.


Adjustment Method

The Optimum Plus is fully controlled by your smartphone. The Tunit Performance App allows full adjustment and even to load a new file for another car.  You can choose from 3 power settings of ECO, SPORT & SPORT PLUS.

Fine Tuning

Using the App you can further choose fine settings to adjust air/fuel ratio. This can help improve performance an economy.


Adjustment Method

The Power Pedal has 5 main Settings Eco to Sport Plus. Each of these have 3 sub settings which can be accessed by holding down the plus and minus simultaneously. Other features include. The pedal allows further  adjustment to the intensity of each mode. i.e. sharper or reduced acceleration.